Filming the second part of “It,” bill Skasgard intimidated by all the actors

Photo: / Wikipedia

The second part of the horror film “It” by Stephen king book remains in the list of the most anticipated films of the year. But the shooting is still ongoing – now grown-up characters in a performance of Hollywood stars have to win Pennywise 20 years after the events of the first part.

The star of “split” and “X-Men” James McAvoy (James McAvoy), who plays the role of a grown-up bill, admitted that clown Pennywise in the second part of “It” will be worse. According to him, the actor Jill Skarsgard, son of the famous Stella Skarsgard (“Dogville,” “Thor”), reincarnated into a monster, scaring the entire crew.

“He’s gorgeous. Bill is a great guy, but he scares me to death,” admitted McAvoy.

“I never liked clowns as a child, but I’m an adult. We together with other actors, older people, doing amazing things on the court, but he sneaks us very much. He frightened us,” he said.

In the sequel to “It” also stars Jessica Chastain, bill, bill Hader, James Ransone and others.