Figure of the day: how many smart watches sold in 2018

IHS Markit conducted a study and found that the demand for smart watches is growing on a global scale. According to experts, in 2014 the indicator displays for “smart” hours does not exceed 10 million copies, and in 2018 this figure has reached 149 million.

Sales of displays for smart wrist devices. In 2015, the market size displays for smart watch reached about 50 million units, and in 2016 was over 70 million units. In 2017 the supply of displays on a global scale was at the level of 100 million units, said IHS Markit.

In 2018, the volume of industry amounted to 149 million units, an increase compared to the previous year by 42%. Thus, in four years the supply of displays for smart hours increased more than 15 times.

Sales of displays for smart watch

Sales of smart hours. According to the analytical company Strategy Analytics, in the last quarter of last year, shipments of smart watches in the global scale reached 18.2 million units. This is 56% higher than a year ago, when the market size is estimated at 11.6 million units.

By the way, in 2018 globally, it sold an estimated 45 million “smart” hours. Thus, the statistics of IHS Markit takes into account the supply of screens for smart wristbands and various fitness trackers.

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