Figure of the day: how Google had made the news in 2018

In 2018, Google managed to earn the news content is $ 4.7 billion. Note, this amount represents almost the total amount of revenues of the entire media market (in 2018 $ 5.1 billion).

What do you think the profit? As reported by The New York Times, the calculations did not take into account the value of users ‘ personal data. At the same time, from 16% to 40% of search results in Google is news content.

Analysts draw attention to the growing dependence of news media technology, and companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple get from this great profit.

The pace of development of Google News. Note, in 2008, in Google News there were 24 million unique visitors in the U.S. compared to total 50 million in the CNN and New York Times.

In may 2018, the Corporation had 150 million unique monthly visitors in the United States, which is almost two times more than CNN and NYT combined.

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