Fictional countries and local Catholics: how does the legend of the exercises “West-2017”

The Belarusian Ministry of defence shared the legend according to which, together with Russia will be held military exercises “West-2017”.
The exercise scenario during a briefing in Minsk was represented by the Deputy Minister of defence Oleg Belokonev, informs the Belarusian newspaper “Nasha Niva”.
According to legend exercises in Belarus and Russia attacked three fictitious States: “Vacherie”, “Wesbury and Lubenia”.
As told the Belarusian official, the relationship between neighboring “States” have deteriorated against the backdrop of ethnic, ethnic and religious controversies, and territorial claims.
Interestingly, “Vacherie” on the map marked the territory of Belarus, where a high proportion of Catholics.
“Lubenia” was the North-Eastern Poland and South-Western part of Lithuania (the so-called Salkowski corridor), and to “Vesperia” moved part of Lithuania and Latvia.

Legend military exercises “West-2017”

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