Fees for the mother of Moomins, Tove Jansson bought the island

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Tove Jansson wrote about the Moomins 9 books.

In her novels about the Moomin trolls are defending a thesis, in different parts of the world open fan clubs and themed cafes, modern writers continue to invent stories about their favorite heroes.

9 Aug 105 born Tove Marika Jansson. Finnish artist of Swedish origin, a novelist, children’s writer and illustratore.

Janson has created a Moomin world in his novels: “the Comet arrives”, “wizard Hat”, “the Memoirs of the Pope Moomin-Troll”, “the Dangerous summer”, “the Invisible child”, “Papa and the sea”, etc. In total 9 books. Description of the event in all the stories Tuva filed in the present tense.

Author: photo from open sources

Moomin trolls

The first book in the series about the Moomins was published in 1945 and it was the story of “the Little trolls and the great flood”. Jansson wrote and illustrated this story in 1939. But the last tale “End of November” dates from 1970. The literary world of the Moomin Janson has dedicated 31 years of his life.

Now all the stories about the Moomins are issued around the world, together with illustrations of Tuva. In Ukraine the copyright on their edition received Lviv “vydavnytstvo Starogo Leva”. Also, published books about the Moomin trolls in Braille.

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Tove Jansson was also involved in creating the music for the Moomin books and cartoons. During the life of Tove Jansson has allowed other authors to compose books about the Moomins.

The royalties from the books, comics, Souvenirs Tuva was able to buy the island of Kluwar in the Gulf of Finland, where she lived with her friend, the artist Tuulikki pietilä.

Died writer at the age of 86 in June 2001.

Ukrainian writer Oleksandr Kandyba (Alexander Oles) buried in the Czech Republic on 23 July 1944. Buried at the olšany cemetery in Prague. 2017 ashes of the writer and his wife Faith were reburied at the cemetery Lukyanovka in Kiev.


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