Feed Royal Canin is a great choice for feeding Pets

Royal Canin was founded in 1968 by veterinarian Jean Katari, today is one of the most well-known and reputable producers of food super-premium pet cats and dogs. Initially the main priority was the creation of high-quality food for animals, which would have high taste properties and are useful for meowing and barking Pets. To achieve this, the development of each recipe feed Royal Canin specialists in the field of veterinary medicine and nutrition in modern laboratories. To create the apply diets only natural fresh ingredients, which are pre-tested quality. This is why food Royal Canin like the animals helps them to survive in excellent condition and to have good health.


Royal Canin is one of the most reputable producers of food super-premium pet cats and dogs

A variety of animal feed Royal Canin

Requirements of animals depend on many factors: their type, breed, age, health condition. All these factors are taken into account by the manufacturer of animal feed Royal Canin. The company today offers over 350 kinds of diets, with some differences. They are focused on the barking and meowing Pets, the needs of the body of which differ significantly. Also feed Royal Canin are created for dogs and cats of certain breeds. It will provide the animals with nutrients needed to strengthen the protective functions of the skin, strengthening the immune system.

It is very important when choosing food to take into account the age of the Pets. Puppies and kittens need nutritious food to quickly restore vitality and ensure normal growth of animals. For adult animals, it is important to choose a diet that will allow them to remain in form, but it will not lead to weight gain. Food for older Pets need to be easily digested, which will allow normal function to the digestive system. It should also contain a complex of antioxidants to prevent rapid aging. All this taken into account when creating feed Royal Canin.

The list of diets Royal Canin also has a large number of medicated food. Each of these diets is designed specifically for animals suffering from certain ailments. Their use allows the cats or dogs to quickly deal with the disease or keep Pets in great shape. In our pet shop toba.ua you will definitely find suitable for your cats or dogs food Royal Canin. If you have difficulty identifying the most appropriate option, our specialists will gladly advise. We will help your meowing or barking pet to remain in great shape!


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