Federation of protection of drivers announced support of Yuri Derevyanko for President

The Presidential candidate of Ukraine from the party “freedom” Yuri Derevyanko and public organization “international Federation of protection of drivers” signed a Memorandum on cooperation and support.

The Federation announced they will support the candidate for President Yury Derevyanko. And Derevyanko has undertaken to comply with the terms of the Memorandum of agreement and in case of failure – to resign voluntarily from the post of President of Ukraine.

The parties agreed on cooperation aiming at the abolition of the shameful and illegal practice charges and prosecute drivers in case of an accident on false reasoning of the police and the court and return drivers of presumption of innocence.

The parties will work together, so that the drivers had the opportunity to appeal judicial decisions regarding road accidents in the Supreme Court and received compensation for material and moral damages for the poor condition of roads, and also for violation of standard terms of road repairs.

Chairman of the Federation of protection of drivers rights activist Vladimir Kushnir said that of all Presidential candidates only Yuri Derevyanko actually protects the rights of motorists.

“Derevianko’s doing it, not in words but in deeds, in contrast to all other presidential candidates”, – said Vladimir Kushnir.

The Memorandum is the Treaty open for signature by other public organizations, public figures, political parties, individual politicians, deputies of all levels and all concerned citizens who are willing to defend the rights of drivers as road users and seek to build in our country a democratic society.

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