Federal budget trump to 2018: massive cuts to art, science and the poor

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) released its budget plan for next fiscal year. The draft budget provides for large changes in public spending. Many of the articles that relate to the support of art, science and socially disadvantaged Americans, will be greatly reduced.

Trump’s budget provides for an increase in military expenditures and a sharp reduction in most of the rest of the budget, including the elimination of dozens of Federal programs that help the poor, Fund research and volunteer organization.

The first budget proposal of trump, which he called “America first: the budget plan to make America great again” will increase defense spending by 54 billion dollars. The money will be “seized” of the 18 other items of expenditure. Funding for agriculture will be reduced by 20%, leading to especially serious consequences. 30% would reduce funding for the Agency for the protection of the environment.

He also proposed to exclude future Federal support of the National endowment for the arts, National endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for public broadcasting – will be eliminated 50 funding programs.

These reductions will be the most extensive since the Second world war.

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