February 9 – what a holiday today and what not to do in this day

February 9, 2019, commemorating John Chrysostom, known as Archbishop of Constantinople, which is one of the most revered saints. Pray to him for assistance in spiritual development, finding yourself and well-being in family relations. John Chrysostom – protects people who are desperate.

Also today, celebrate the international holiday of the dentist, which is celebrated in Ukraine annually since 1993.

Today birthday note: Ivan, Dmitri, Peter.

Folk omens on 9 Feb

– Low sky 9 February – it’s cold.

Clouds rapidly moving in the direction of the wind – a sign that the snow will not be. If they move against the wind – this will result in the snowfall.

– To get burned, to stumble and cut yourself on 9 February – a bad omen.

What can I do 9 Feb

1. This day is to honor loved ones and to cook ceremonial meal.

2. It is believed that Chrysostom’s day is ideal for the treatment of toothache. For this we need to pronounce these words: “Lazarus Saturday, the day of Chrysostom, who hurt his teeth, so those teeth are fossilized and never was ill.”

3. Now is the time to ask the mind for learning, work or any other important decisions.

What not to do 9 Feb

1. It is impossible in this day to receive and give gifts. It was believed that February 9 happens to bad damage and slander.

2. For Chrysostom it is impossible to wash my hair – a bad omen.

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