Father’s day 2017: date and congratulations

Father’s day 2017 in Ukraine and the world celebrate June 18 – third Sunday of the first summer month. In Ukraine this holiday is not official, and only nationwide, but all the same, your dads will be pleased to receive congratulations happy father’s day.
Father’s day originates in the United States — it was there in 1909 arose the idea of a holiday. Today, together with the United States father’s Day is celebrated about 40 countries, including Ukraine.
By the way, Ukraine has proposed to establish father’s Day at the state level on the third Sunday of September. In 2013 the government supported the relevant draft Decree of the President, but he was never signed. Therefore, it is appropriate to celebrate a National father’s day as established at the international level — on the third Sunday of June. In 2017, this day falls on 18 June.
Father’s day: the history of the holiday
Father’s day was founded in the United States of America a woman named Sonora Smart, in marriage Mrs Dodd who lived in Spokane (Washington state). Besides her, the family had five children. After the birth of their sixth child, Sonora’s mother died and his father, William Jackson Smart, took care of all the children. It is, of course, could not replace the mother, however, did absolutely everything that his children were deprived of care, understanding and love that can only give the native people.

Father’s day was founded in the USA in 1909
Subsequently, the children grew up, each went his own way, Sonora, and married. When, in 1909, Sonora attended a Church service dedicated to mothers Day, she remembered my childhood and thought about his father, on whose shoulders lay the care of children. About how worthy father coped with this difficult task, working on the farm and giving the children all her attention and love without a trace.
Sonora went to the city Council of Spokane and proposed to establish a new holiday — father’s Day. The idea was approved by the local authorities. It was decided to hold the proper celebration of the birthday of William Smart — June 5. However, the time for preparation was not enough and the celebration was postponed to the 19th of June. Soon this idea was supported in other cities of the state, as a national holiday in America this day was in 1966 year, it was determined a national holiday date — the third Sunday of June.
Today the most active day, father’s day is celebrated in USA, UK, Netherlands, France, China and other countries.
There is a tradition on father’s Day pin the rose on the side of the heart. This flower symbolizes endless love and respect for parents. If dad is alive, attach a red rose, if you have already left the world of white.
Greetings happy father’s Day 2017
Don’t forget June 18 to congratulate my dad on a holiday. Think about today, what to give for father’s Day. We offer you some greetings father’s Day in verse and prose.
Thanks to Tobi TATKO, dire heat For your luganst navicache good hands two robots I Besson NOC For those scho growth, Sadri HLB on stool let the Lord God Tobi health I I power daє, Zozulya a hundred years Tobi in the garden Naku.
Father’s day: congratulations in verse and prose
T, miy Tato best, Strong, good I Ridny, Techsci I magutni, Know, that I’m always with you! I love you, dad, I pieuse scho miy dad – TSE in ITT winner, TSE spravzhniy boєts!
Picaza scho I batkova daughter! About want govorito scho I skin last row Finished, Tobi privacity. Let the bright sun ospho Sa always on the way. More Veselov I Shu, And better all – poperedu!
Today, the day dad, You want privtate. This mudreca Prishla time of proclivity. I miy Nishiki ukln For those scho ti – miy Tato. Ti in ITT champion, Tvy sin snma kapelyuh.
The old man. TSE this means so expensively. Thanks Tobi, miy Ridny. Bowes ti m Yakima I Suvorin, I Laugh sumnum hour. Today forget the scoundrel, I Want privtate you. Bajan health and happiness From pure serca, lablache.
Years pass, but you, dear our father, remain, as before, as young, loving and kind! For us you will always be the most favorite in the world! Thank you for all the kindness that thou hast bestowed upon us many years! We wish you happiness, health, prosperity and remember we are always with you!
On father’s Day, let me remind you of his infinite love! I heartily congratulate you, my dear daddy! And I wish you clear skies, bright sun, good health and success in everything! Let your life will be gloomy days! Let all who love, will always be there! Let’s not change friends and enemies, shun! Just live and ostavi to share wisdom, strength and vitality!
For those scho ti mene smsu For those scho Tu me zi graves, For those scho ti Picasa me, I wtev, I pdbalias. For those scho will theblack CCB I don’t have CEDAW BD me, Always loving baluwa I Want say thanks to me!
I obzau life gdno I not udariti in brud, oblichchyam Dwellers ti sin mg piratica, Yak I pieuse help our defenders batcom!
For turbota, prace I caress, I dyakuyu Tobi, I Know exactly maintained upstream of Tata, In General in not snide!
Want warm words and congratulations to father’s Day brought your fathers happiness and smile on your face!

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