Father from Texas caught a teacher who had sex with his young son in the car

Photo: AmericaRU.com

An elementary school teacher from Texas was arrested for sexual abuse of 13-year-old student. According to police, she was caught, the teenager’s father, when she was having sex with his son in the back seat of the car.

According to a press release police Department Bay city, 44-year-old Rachel Gonzalez (Rachel Gonzalez) is accused of sexual abuse of minors and unethical relationship between the teacher and the student.Was originally notified, the school administration father of a teenager. The man caught the teacher and student hot right in the car where they had sex, parked on a residential street.

Investigators searched the apartment of the victim and found evidence linking the boy with Gonzalez. He immediately arrested a teacher, said in a press release. Gonzales was taken into custody and transported to the Matagorda County jail where she was later released on bail.

Gonzalez taught at the school “Cherry Elementary”, after accusations she had to leave the place of work.

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