“Farming has never been profitable. Almost all the money goes to feed”


– Breed of deer has started because of the horns. Of them produce drugs to enhance employability, says 57-year-old Michael Bugas, the owner is the only one in Ukraine deer farm between the village of Lypcha and Iza Khust district, Transcarpathian region.

Horns sell Ternopil pharmaceutical factory. Come their representatives. Weigh, look, and set the price. It is constantly changing. Pay an average of 500 hryvnia per 100 grams. First deer shed their antlers in 4 years. Subsequently, every year in late summer, cut down with a special machine. Grow for two months somewhere in the 5 cm. Length adult male can reach over a meter. Animals without horn safer. When you fight, the less hurt each other. Most often this happens in November and December. Then the pack leader appears and starts the mating season.

The farm covers 57 hectares There live to 350 deer.

— Fed for a year 50-60 tons of hay and grain. For animals there are three ponds, pasture and forest, — continues Michael Bugas. — The territory is fenced. Have five workers. Every day one of them checks if there are any breakthroughs mesh. While none of the deer did not run away. On the farm they live longer. If in nature — up to 14 years, we have more than 20. Used to people. Feed them twice a day. They know workers are running towards. Nicknames are only ten deer. Farming has never been profitable. Almost all the money goes to feed. The government is not helping us. The European market can’t get out. It is necessary to have a larger herd.

Since 2003 we began to drive the tourists. A trip for adults costs 20 UAH, children — 10. Boarding schools, disabled people let free. To get to the farm daily from 9:00 to 18:00. Sunday day off. A special program for tourists there. Deer can be ironed. To allow feed from behind the fence. These animals have developed the instinct of self-preservation. You can get a kick, if you go to their territory without the fairing. Sell crackers 5 hryvnia to people feeding animals. Deer love corn sticks, apples. To see a herd can twice a day about eight in the morning and around seven in the evening. The most relaxed deer antlers are not cut off. They walk freely around the farm. One of the favorites of tourists stag Boris. Loves to cuddle and be photographed. The Oldest Kid. He was 21 years old. Visitors not afraid, loves children. Not all deer on the farm manual. There are bullies, but never attacked.


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