Famous American figure skater has designed the hit KAZKA Ukrainian group: video

Three-time U.S. champion, bronze medalist of the world figure skating Championships johnny Weir used for your room to hit groups KAZKA “Crying”.

On his page in Instagram group KAZKA shared a video where their sensational track to conquer new heights.

The ice was broken! As never before Kazka closer to figure skating. And all thanks to this legend, three – time U.S. champion johnny varo,
commented the band

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Krieg pulled down! Yak Nikoli as KAZKA ablities to plumage katanya all zavdyaki spravzhniy legend trykratne champion USA @johnnygweir

Publication of KAZKA (@kazka.band) 20 Jul 2019 10:02 PST

Note that the group of KAZKA was created in 2017, but has already become “the Breakthrough of the year” by musical award M1 Music Awards, the first Ukrainian group that has hit the world chart shazam and the record holder among the Ukrainian artists in YouTube. “Cry”, the lead single from the debut album “Karma”, topped music charts in several countries.

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