Family from Italy have died in the crater of the volcano

Photo: AmericaRU.com

11-year-old boy and his parents died in a volcanic crater in Pozzuoli, the Italian town near Naples.

On Tuesday, the family visited the local tourist attraction – Solfatara, a small volcanic crater. The boy crossed forbidden to visit the area and fell into the pit depth of about ten feet. Parents, trying to save his son, also fell into the pit, according to Italian media.

According to the authorities, another member of the family, 7-year-old boy was near, but he did not cross the restraining line and survived. Before the arrival of his grandparents worked with him for social workers.

The mayor Pozwoli Filioli Vincenzo (Vincenzo Figliolia) publicly expressed his condolences. “This moment of deep sorrow for all of us,” he wrote on Facebook.

Crater Solfatara is part of the Phlegraean fields, known as Campi Flegrei (“burning fields”), a SUPERVOLCANO, is dotted with several ancient volcanic craters located to the West of Naples. The last eruption of Campi Flegrei occurred during the week in 1538.

Due to recent rains the soil around the crater was shaky, making the boy and failed. Not yet installed, were killed if the family from high temperatures or from sulphur fumes.

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