Faction of Lyashko did not support changes to the budget in 2018, which take a job in Ukrainian

Lyashko called for the support of farmers and the poor. Photo: UNIAN

The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the budget for 2018, which redistributed the remains of funding for several government programs. In particular, this law took away 2 billion hryvnia, which were provided in support of the farmers, and 7.2 billion hryvnia, which were to be aimed at helping low-income families.

Did not support the government’s initiative is the only faction of the Radical party. Oleg Lyashko voted against in order to pick up support from farmers and the poor, as well as against the agreement for the purchase of helicopters in France, which approved these changes to the budget. The politician chided colleagues from the opposition factions to support the government bill, – the “Informant”.

“Unfortunately, some of our colleagues who call themselves the opposition factions, also voted for these changes in the budget. The bill that reached the Parliament pusher, suggests that the current government does not know how our people live as a result of their economic policies. Or rather, its absence, because power is one policy: to get new credit and raise taxes,” – said the MP.

Lyashko said that the agreement for the purchase of helicopters from foreign competitors, depriving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians work.

“Ratified 3 billion of state guarantees under the credit for purchase of French helicopters. At us in Zaporozhye a unique enterprise, which produces helicopters “Motor Sich”. They could give those billions to support the “Motor Sich” that the jobs were for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians throughout Ukraine. Because associated with “Motor Sich” companies work not only in Kiev, but also in Khmelnytsky – Volochysk, and in Chernihiv, “Cesare” – they also make electronics for “Motor Sich”. But the government gives the order of 3 billion hryvnia, and provides state guarantees for imported helicopters,” – said the politician.

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Lyashko is convinced that all the orders from the state budget needs to domestic enterprises. His team has made to the budget for the year 2019 was a provision on the possibility to issue state guarantees only for domestic manufacturers of turbines.

“2 weeks ago the first Vice-Premier of cubic meters went to China, there made and presented a contract for the purchase of Chinese turbines to build the Dniester state district power station for us $ 500 million. Ukraine is one of 5 countries in the world that has a unique enterprise for manufacture of turbines “Turboatom”. There are thousands of people over the years, the company has not received a penny of public order. And the government gives an order for half a billion dollars to the Chinese. We achieved that in the budget to 2019 has been provided for our edit that state guarantees may be issued exclusively under the purchase of domestic turbines. I hope this will give an opportunity to return $ 500 million in the Kharkov “Turboatom” and tens of thousands of people throughout Ukraine 5 years will be employed,” concluded Lyashko.

We will remind, the people’s deputates from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Serhiy Sobolev for a moment before deciding you pulled the card, although he remained at his workplace.


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