Fabien BARTHEZ: “PSG” has not learned the lesson of 2017″

Photo: psg.fr

The former goalkeeper of the French national team and “Manchester United” Fabien Barthez warmly responded to the departure of PSG from the Champions League.

– Reason for departure – the lack of respect.

That’s what happens when you don’t respect the game and the opponent – fakes out Barthez was quoted by Le Parisien. – In terms of football Paris looked better.

The French have demonstrated this by winning the first match in England when the “Manchester” was even better than yesterday.

But the Parisians had not enough concentration. Still, the top level is the top level: here the result of seeking someone who does not make mistakes, even if you don’t play better.

Besides, PSG have not learned the lesson of 2017 (departure from Barcelona after a major victory in the first match. – Approx. “SE”), they do not learn from their mistakes.

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