Expert: “statement by the American Colonel about Syria is bullshit”

The frame of the telecast of the First channel.

Douglas McGregor, in the TV channel Fox News said that the withdrawal of American troops from Syria — “tricky step”, which Russia allegedly quarreled with its allies in the region.

According to McGregor, Russia has long established relationships with Turkey, Iran and the Syrian rebels, and the withdrawal of U.S. troops will force her to choose between them.

“We should as soon as possible to withdraw from North Syria, because there are tens of thousands of Turkish soldiers, ready to attack the Kurdish terrorists who attacked in this area of Turkey. We forced the Syrian government to engage in this area and they go back. Russia will have to make a choice. If she let Turkey into Syria, we will lose influence on the Syrians and Iranians,” said a retired moderator.

McGregor also added that, the withdrawal of troops from Syria, USA “eliminated solder the various partners factor”.

“For the cooperation of the Russians, the Turks and the Iranians there is no reason in principle — and that is good,” he said.

Recall, December 19, US President, Donald trump declared victory over the terrorists in Syria, noting that this was the only reason for the stay of American military in the country. Later, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders announced that the United States has begun withdrawing troops from Syria, but the victory over ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) does not mean the demise of the coalition.

“We need to consider this statement in context, says a member of the Association of military political scientists Vyacheslav Bakurov. – In the Fox on this topic, which was made by military expert, talked about the disagreement of the American establishment with the withdrawal of troops. “This is a Christmas gift to trump Putin” – quoted leading to the statement of the senators. Which, according to him, “they say in unison”, “echo each other like robots”. That is, the air is clearly biased in favour of trump as a whole, I must admit, the channel in General. Therefore, the opinion of the respected former military man, who would provide such easy version and originated in the Americans was, of course, very useful. And the truth is that, of course, is bullshit. Collision of the Turks with the Kurds and the Syrian army was already abound. To say that now Russia will start with the one that conflicts, of course, impossible, and peacekeeping functions of the Russian military continue to be met. Not to mention the fact that the words of a retired Colonel look unconvincing, as both Russia and Iran have long been insisting that the us troops out of Syria. In this famous “Christmas” trump’s statement was more of a gift to the Americans. As a result, no immediate withdrawal of troops”.

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