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January 6. Madrid. “Real” – “Real Sociedad” – 0:2. The episode with the participation of Vinicius and goalkeeper Jeronimo Rulli. Photo: Reuters

In Spain severely criticized the work of videobrutal.

Most of all dissatisfied with real Madrid.


Videobrutal (VAR) in Spain waited like manna from heaven. When last season Barcelona I scored a goal “Malaga”, which it was impossible to count (the ball in front of goal pass Dinya, Deulofeu is completely out of bounds), it did not fix the obvious goal of the game with the “betasom” (after the impact of Alba the ball entirely crossed the goal line, but the defender knocked it away, and the referee said nothing), many have called the Pyrenees the new invasion OPTIONS, commodities to protect against injustice.

In November 2017, the President of La Liga Javier Tebas made the Declaration: “next season in the Spanish football will be used videoassisted. I’m sure of it.”


VAR is really implemented and tested already in the match for the super Cup of Spain between “Barcelona” and “Sevilla” (2:1), which was held on 12 August 2018 in Morocco, in Tangier. Videoassisted showed his best side: the referee Carlos del Cerro Grande wrongly canceled goal of locals, considering that Sarabia, who gave the ball Muriel, was offside, but the all-seeing eye told the chief judge that he is wrong. Sevilla took the lead, but to take the trophy it did not help.


After a successful start OPTIONS Spain limped. In the championship played the entire first round, and there was not one round, where an arbitrator’s decision, adopted with the aid of video replays, it would not cause complaints one of the parties.

In response to growing criticism of the technical Committee of referees in La Liga, which is headed by the famous former Spanish football referee, Carlos Velasco Carballo, a few weeks ago, the numbers showed how VAR got through the first half of the championship:

over this time there were 397 incidents in the penalty area, of which 371 of the situation, the referees made the right decision, 26 made mistakes. In these 26 cases, VAR 19 times corrected a judicial oversight, for seven violations went unnoticed even by videoassisted;

in 190 games he played in was Packed 481 goal. 30 situations interfered VAR 15 times by cancelling and leaving in force the decision of the arbitrator. Of the 15 cancelled 10 goals were scored from offside, four were in violation of the rules, and in one case the ball before it went out of play.

As you can see, zero errors at the output does not give even the system, because you still have the human factor. Of course, most of the noise occurs when questionable moments occur in matches involving giants, real Madrid or Barcelona. Ironically, real Madrid on such episodes carry more than others.

Real Madrid vs VAR

In order to count all of the claims of the President of real Madrid” Florentino Perez to OPTIONS, not enough fingers on both hands. And if all fall until the New year, Perez had been simmering in early January, he exploded. According to the publication AS a functionary seriously intends to leave his post in the Board of Directors of the Royal football Federation of Spain, where just a month ago invited its President, Louis Rubiales. At least, Perez refused to participate in the first meeting of the renewed Board Monday, 28 January – all because of job dissatisfaction VAR.

Directly any statement of the club of Madrid did (except criticism of individuals), but we know that Perez called Rubiales and in private conversation complained of unfair decisions against real Madrid. Thebes has left a meaningful comment: “I think it’s incorrect”.

Vinicius Rule

The scandal – unassigned penalty after falling in the penalty “real Sociedad” Brazilian “real” Vinicius from contact with the goalkeeper Rule.

Peplum to the point were 1-0 up, the referee Jose Luis Munuera Montero said nothing, and eventually guests took with the “Santiago Bernabeu” victory 2:0, but the owners have let the judges all dogs.

“No one understood why there was no assigned penalty. I thought it was obvious. If the judge that is not noticed there are OPTIONS, and if he fails, then his existence loses all meaning. We are all human and we make mistakes, but when the error can be checked, and the test gives no result…it is difficult to understand,” – said in a flash interview with Santiago Solari, the head coach of real Madrid.

“It seemed that the referee consulted the assistant and just continued the game. Why do we need VAR? I seriously don’t know. The situation is obvious: we could even the score and turn the match in their favor” – this is Emilio butragueño, the club legend and current Director of “cream” on inter-institutional relations.

“The judge said to me – those above, said that wasn’t a penalty. I think it’s incredible. The referees here don’t seem to know how to handle VAR and even more afraid of him when he plays “real” – the words of the owner of “Golden ball”-2018 Luka modrić.

After the game it was revealed that videoassisted gave Munuera Montero’s go-ahead to continue the game. “Nothing, nothing, Jose Luis, everything is OK, play on,” he heard the referee in his earpiece – and these words have entered Spanish football (and not only) folklore.

The goalkeeper of the team from San Sebastian after the match was posted in the Twitter photo controversial episode – with the hint that the ball he touched earlier than the Brazilian.

Suarez – Cuellar

Of course, when still a judge and wrong in favor of “Barcelona”, “real” begins to see a conspiracy in this. Or Zago-VAR.

A week ago, the Catalans at home beat “Getafe” (3:1). The winning goal in a tough game, scored by Suarez, but he did it, did not seem very clean.

The arbitrator, after videoassistance, decided that the Uruguayan was the first on the ball and whistled a violation of the rules, while everyone else (except blue garnet) in perplexity made a helpless gesture.

“Apparently, the goalkeeper need to obtain serious injury to the referee saw a foul on him” – said after the match, Cuellar, the goalkeeper, “Leganes”.

“A pure goal – Suarez didn’t touch the goalie. Otherwise, VAR would be overturned by the arbitrator’s decision,” said coach of Barca Ernesto Valverde.

Thebes replied vague: “a Goal at the discretion of the judge. Someone sees a foul, someone-no. It is outside the area of responsibility of the video replay. VAR helps to fix many other things. The Dissatisfaction Of Real Madrid? As soon as they start winning, the complaints will cease.”

Other opinions

The principled position of “Barcelona” VAR recently expressed a press-the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Catalan club Josep Vives: “We understand that the system is still in the implementation process, but we are happy with her. We believe that the refereeing was better, because the arbitrator there is an additional working tool. We defend the idea of VAR before and will continue to do so”.

Most of the other statements is negative. One of the most consistent critics – the head coach “Eibar” Jose Luis Mendilibar. Last October, after the away victory of his team over the “Girona” (3:2), when the judge three times on different occasions asked for help to videoassistance, Mendilibar was categorical: “WITH the VAR turns out not football, and the circus! We are two minutes were dealt with in one episode. Where is good?”

The Idea Velasco Carballo

Thus, this idea, as with any innovation, while going through difficult times in Spain. Recently, Velasco Carballo suggested to involve former players as assistants of the judges who sit in a room VAR. He is confident with their gaming experience the possibility of making a wrong decision should be even lower.

However, the President of the technical Committee of referees in La Liga did not specify whether be considered the club’s preferences and their theoretical impact on future assistants. In any case, the unhappy will always find something to complain about.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express

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