Ex-striker of the national team of Ukraine: In Russia, many write and say this, that close and there’s no

The former striker of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Voronin believes that Yaroslav Rakitskiy knew what the consequences would be after the transition to the Zenith.

“I played in Russia, but played when there was such conflict between the two countries. I have many friends living in Russia, including among the players with whom I continue to communicate.

Rakitskiy: In Ukraine, all sing the national anthem, you have to give everything on the field and not the Leps to bawl

There are very, very close friends. They are very worried about the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Even I will say this: between the two peoples. They are constantly asking me what is the situation like in the Ukraine case.

Frankly, in Russia, many write and say this, and which do not close in Ukraine. It’s true, I know it. He arrived only four days ago from Odessa. I never did not climb into politics, honestly. It is often said that sport is outside politics.

Voronin: If the coach decides that Rakitskiy should play for the national team of Ukraine, he will play

As for Rakytskyy, I’m sure he knew what was coming. I 100% believe it. I even think that he knew that if you sign a contract with the Russian club, there may be such effects that are now available. He took this step, made him consciously. As to the exclusion from the national team, that is the head coach of Andriy Shevchenko. He needs to make decisions, call the player or not” – quoted by Voronin sport-weekend.com.

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