Ex-player “Dynamo”: “Rakitskiy got a family to feed”

Vladislav Vashchuk / Dnepr Hour

Former player of “Dynamo” Vladislav Vashchuk commented on the transfer of Yaroslav Rakitskiy in the St. Petersburg “Zenith” the words of ex-football player leads the MATCH-TV.

“I was surprised by this transfer, given the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. But Rakytskyy need to feed yourself, your family. Player’s career is not very long. I think Rakitskiy took the final decision himself, and consulted with older people.

Andriy Shevchenko will not be easy in this situation. Rakitskiy is a skilled player, but I don’t know what decision the coaching staff of the national team. The recent policy and sport is a single. It concerns not only sports, but any activity. You need to decide on what to bet on sport or politics.

For me, the question about the call Rakitskiy in the team — a purely political point. I’m a former football player, not a politician, so I can’t define the role of Yaroslav. As much as we wanted, but the politicians so much that she is still in sight, even if you close your eyes.”

Recall that Myron Markevich criticized the move Rakitskiy in Russia.

The centre-back can no longer call to the national team of Ukraine.

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