“Everything came quickly, goes out quickly” – Alan Badoev called the earnings of his artists

Max Barsky, who is producing Badoev, earns $ 3 million a year. Photo: press service

Director Alan Badoev gave an exclusive interview to a blogger Andrei Ostapchuk. It first told about the secrets of their business and peculiarities of multi-million dollar contract with the Chinese, the annual royalties to the artists level Barsky and Tayanna.

In a candid conversation Badoev has admitted that he thinks about the awards in the Ukraine, and why loneliness is a constant companion in his life. We offer you to familiarize with the most interesting quotes:

Any top artist is Max Barsky, earns about $3 million for the year. TAYANNA earns about $300 thousand, but the money was always in circulation. Will be even cooler, just takes time.

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I’ve never configured on fast money, I don’t believe in it. Everything came quickly, goes out quickly. I love to go as tank – slowly but surely.

I’m in the wrong business. If I wanted to deal with a specific business, I’d probably be doing something else – the lawyer is or oil somewhere pumped

I am, above all, creativity. What I cannot do. We live, communicate and make friends only with such people. Not because I eliminate them somehow, but because we attract each other.

Premium do smart peopleto his company to pull up and require a gifts artists. What is the prize? This is when you have a chair, but so far none specifically this chair does not respect or understand. Why should it be respected? But if in a chair sit by Alan Badoev, Max Barskih, Nastya Kamenskikh or Tina Karol, the chair will be more expensive and it at least will speak. So you make up some kind of prize to reward the one who will come for a reward. After all, we humans are vain and want awards.

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I don’t like going to funerals. I don’t like scary proof that people can turn into static. I don’t like knowing that the magic would end. I’m still a kid and in this respect I want to stay. All the people who are even slightly doing so, I no longer feel like a child, must be immediately removed from your life. I don’t want to deny yourself the right to live in a pleasant world.

Loneliness is a particular friend of my life

In my daily life passes so many people, that my whole path is built to give energy. On the site you’re taking everything I have and give it to the artist. Therefore, the moment of loneliness is so sweet, incredible and wonderful. When you can just immerse yourself in, as a child – pinch nose and drops in a full bath of water, the hum goes away, and you hear the voice of my mother. He you seems so happy while she’s in the kitchen preparing something and make noise with pots. And you think, “Oh, how happy I am”. Loneliness for me is a kind of immersion in the bath.

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