Everyone thinks that I have a sponsor, “Miss Ukraine universe 2018”, spoke about the luxurious life

The winner of beauty and the winner of the title “Miss Ukraine universe 2018” Karina Josan decided to openly talk about his personal life. Has not bypassed a theme model of financing for its luxurious stay.

Details of his personal life Karina Josan shared in the “high life”. According to a striking beauty, she is a long time spent in China, where for 5 years without holidays worked as a model. So now Karina complains on the financial status of their accounts and can afford the luxury of a trip abroad, the footage of which readily exposes the network.

I only travel the last six months. I 5 years without going anywhere, worked as a model in China. I know now everyone thinks I have a sponsor. Yes, I have a husband who takes care of me. No doubt he is a wealthy man. But I continue to work now and don’t plan to stop. So I pretty well make my own living,
– said Karina Josan.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani K A R I N A Z H O S A N (@karinazhosanofficial) 16 Sich 2019 R. 4:16 PST

Besides, “Miss Ukraine-universe 2018” commented on the rumors that her crown got married with a rich fan who bought the victory in the competition. In the words of Karina Josan, this is nonsense, because the young man is not married, and the crown model won in an honest way.

“You know, I was prepared for the fact that if I take the crown will be a lot of criticism and negativity. Not angry-quiet word I said would be if someone else won, that all purchased! But when I stood on the stage in the crown when I was flowing tears of joy, you know – no, you can’t buy for money!” added Karina Josan.

The winner of the beauty contest also denied the scandalous rumors of tens of operations. Karina claims that never turned to plastic surgeons, but dentists gave her veneers are ceramic pads on the front teeth.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani K A R I N A Z H O S A N (@karinazhosanofficial) 24 GRU 2018 R. 2:54 PST

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