Eurovision-2017: what will conquer Europe the contestants this year

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All 42 participants Eurovision has already experienced the main stage of the song contest.

Eurovision has long been a fierce competition of wrestling creativity and outrageousness. Single formula for success there. Last year our Jamal proved it. A minimum of special effects, original songs with meaning, incredible voice and most importantly – sincerity.

The Eurovision song contest for the second time I arrived in Ukraine. This year for crystal microphone in Kiev will compete from 42 countries. What are they going to conquer Europe.

Braid to her waist, beard, and skirt – Thank Kalezic from Montenegro – the flamboyant party of the current show. At your stage the way the guy from the village sees a real symbolic power.

Of course, this is not my real hair , but it’s made of real hair. I’m not shy any role, because I am a professional and unable to be anything, I feel at home

– representative of Montenegro Slavko Kalezic.

And fans he conquered his electrifying dance on a treadmill. Swede Robin Bengston as one of the favourites to win this show.

But Russia, which this year is not presented because of the scandal with Yulia Samoilova did not seem very upset. The Russians, as it turned out, would be for someone to hurt.

17 year old Christian Kostov – the youngest member in the history of Eurovision. In 2015 I moved to Bulgaria, where he became a finalist of “X-factor”. But after Eurovision is going back to Russia.

Bookies predict him 2nd place. However, the main contender for victory is considered more experienced players 35 years of Italian Francesco Gabana.

His video for the song “Occidentali”s Karma”, where the artist is dancing with a monkey for three months, watched by over 100 million users.

For Ukrainian participants while the forecasts are not comforting. But whoever predicted victory, to hurt Ukraine will not care for their own. Moreover, all rates will change after the first semi-final.

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