Eurovision-2017: the TOP 7 players that will surprise you

Eurovision-2017 will start in a few days. The stage is built, refined Kiev, rehearsal every day. The editors of “24” decided to prepare and to tell you about the 7 original members of the 62nd song contest.
In General, the Eurovision song contest-Kyiv already in 2017 may 7 will arrive participants from 42 countries. And now about the most interesting.
The participating countries of the Eurovision song contest in 2017: the brightest performers
Our neighbors will present Naviband. It’s a duet: Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk. They met on February 14! Now every year on this day they arrange a concert in Minsk. Both have a musical past before they began to sing together.
The representatives of Belarus at Eurovision 2017 – Naviband
The group actively promotes the Belarusian language. In Kiev during the finals of the Eurovision song contest they also plan to speak with the song in their native language. So they want to tell Europe about the culture of his people. Note that the national selection Artem and Ksenia participated three times! Exactly the same albums in their asset.

The Eurovision song contest in Kiev 2017 Naviband will perform with the song “Gloria Maiga gizza”
But the Kingdom in the capital of Ukraine will present the 25-year-old star of the series “Purely English murder” Lucy Jones. Also, she reached the finals of “X factor”. And know her for roles in musicals.
Eurovision from 2017 the UK will be the star of the show
Lucy is not only known as actress, the British respect her musical talent. She sang the national anthem of Wales on the sporting events at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff. Sang Jones and “God save the Queen” at the world famous Wembley. The song with which singer, she wrote specially for the contest in collaboration with the winner of Eurovision 2013 Emily de forest.

The British at the Eurovision song contest will perform the song “Never Give up on You”
San Marino
Beautiful tiny country of San Marino will present a Valentine Monetta and Jimmy Wilson.
This duet we took the most interesting because of the female component. Valentine Monetta for the fourth time represents San Marino at the Eurovision song contest! For the first time a jazz singer has tried to get to the contest in 2008, but the jury didn’t choose it… But Valentine never left hope and got into the Eurovision song contest in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
The Eurovision song contest Valentina will perform for the fourth time!
Her partner on stage this year will be Jimmy Wilson, who now lives in Germany, and was born in the States. It is known for its musicals. In particular, played Obama in the musical “Hope”.

The representatives of San Marino at the Eurovision song contest will ignite a dance track
The Netherlands will present the group OG3NE, which includes 3 sisters! Two of them – twins – 21-year-old Amy and Shelly, and my year lease. Despite her young age, Eurovision in their lives already. The truth, baby. In adulthood, the popularity they got, hitting the local show “the Voice.” Now they have 3 Studio albums.
On the stage of Eurovision from 2017 the Netherlands will perform three birth sisters
All the girls revolves around the family. Even the band name is blood of their mothers and the genes that bind the girls. The song, which are sisters, their dad wrote for mom. Note, a few years mother of the girls was seriously ill…

“Lights And Shadows” is a song that inspires to survive the disease
From Switzerland will come to Kiev international trio Timebelle. It consists of vocalist Miruna Manescu, multi-instrumentalist Emanuel Daniel Andriescu and drummer Samuel Forster.
The Eurovision song contest 2017 Switzerland will present international trio
This is the second attempt Timebelle to get to the Eurovision song contest. In 2015 they took second place in the national selection. Earlier, by the way, the band existed in a larger group.

Song for the Eurovision song contest 2017 the Swiss Timebelle called “Apollo”
But the member from Bulgaria Kristian Kostova only 17 years old! But in music he was not a layman, his musical career began at 6 years.
The youngest participant of the Eurovision song contest 2017 – Bulgarian Christian Kostov
Two of his singles have topped the national radio charts. And he almost got to the finals of the Bulgarian competition “X-factor”. Bulgarians are known for their friendly attitude towards Russia… cost is no exception. In 2014, he got on the Russian competition “the Voice.Children” in the team Dima Bilan…

The Eurovision song contest 2017 the representative of Bulgaria will fascinate lyrical song “Beautiful Mess”
And, of course, the representatives of Ukraine – the group O. Torvald headed by their vocalist Eugene Galich. The group for 12 years. During this time, the boys had a lot! Behind them GBOB, “Chervona Ruta”, “Pearls Season”, “Tavriyski igry”. They managed to share the stage with Linkin Park, Garbage, Evanescence and The Rasmus. And recording 5 albums.
O. Torvald – the only rock band in the Eurovision song contest 2017
Their uniqueness at the Eurovision song contest 2017 is the fact that representatives from Ukraine will perform the only rock song!

Song in the Eurovision song contest 2017 the representative of Ukraine O. Torvald – “Time”
Of all the participants of Eurovision-2017 in our special project. Here you can hear all the songs!
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