Eurovision-2017: the published list of the members of the jury


Mon, 1 May 2017



Since 2009, the results of the Eurovision song contest is determined not only by the audience, but five music professionals from each participating country.

The European broadcasting Union has published the names of all the members of the international jury from each country participating, the press center of Eurovision-2017.

“They (the jury – ed.) the voice is 50 percent of the total voting contest. Thus, the jury 50% affect the results of the competition. Traditionally, the music, the judges will gather together to watch the second dress rehearsal, each of the jury will assign grades live on satellite TV channel”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the work of the jury will be monitored by a notary and independent observers of the European broadcasting Union in order to verify that the voting of the jury shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the Eurovision song contest. Each member of the jury should assess the participant’s room and, of course, the vocals and the song. After voting the European broadcasting Union will receive points from the jury.

The rating of the jury, combined with the televoting will be announced by speakers from every country on the night of the finals live. This year the voting system will remain the same as last year. Therefore, the jury and the audience will declare your points separately from each other, to show the audience who and how voted.

Scores will be determined by 50/50 jury and from the viewers. The full jury list can be viewed at the link.

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