Eurovision-2017: the organizers named the mad price of red carpet

The Executive producer of the Eurovision-2017 Pavel Gritsak told how much to spend on a record long red carpet during the opening of the song contest.
According to him, just bought 2 033 square feet of carpeting for 209 hryvnia per square meter. If you calculate the cost of the track is approximately 424 897 USD.
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In comments TSN, Hrytsak explained that the 1 040 square metres, was used directly on the red carpet, another 312 square meters – on the ground near the gate, another 104 square meters by the landing of delegations, another 312 square meters – the observation deck, and 15% ordered optional on the trim.
Also spent 24 thousand hryvnia to the tape, transport costs made up 6 027 hryvnia, and the installation and dismantling of the red carpet cost 45 600 hryvnias.
By simple calculations it turns out that the cost of the red carpet is about 499 924 hryvnia. Although the site of public procurement services to ensure that carpeted the opening ceremony and the red carpet for the Eurovision song contest-2017 presented with an expected value of 585 504 hryvnias.
The Channel 24 is the national media partner of the Eurovision-2017

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