“Eurovision 2017”: the order of the participants

Eurovision 2017



Learn about the order of performance at the “Eurovision 2017” already today, not to miss the fun.

The order of performance of the participating countries of “Eurovision 2017” organizers announced in late March. Each semifinal will perform at the 18 representatives.

The opening ceremony of “Eurovision 2017” will be held this Sunday, may 7. The first semi-final kicks off on Tuesday, may 9, second – Thursday, may 11. Learn about the order of performance at Eurovision-2017 already today, not to miss the fun.

Eurovision 2017: date and time of the event semi-finals and finals

By the way, the bookies prognozirovat victory to the representative of Italy Francesco Gabbana. He will perform in the final. Three of the favorites of the bookmakers, from Sweden, Portugal and Armenia will take the stage of the Eurovision song contest 2017 in the first semifinal . And in the second semifinal, expect performances of another favorite rates – Bulgarian Kristian Kostov.

“Eurovision 2017”: who made bets bookmakers

Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest-2017 will present the group O. Torvald with the song “Time”. Our guys, the bookmakers predict the 24th. The musicians will perform in the final, as representatives of the host country of the Eurovision song contest.

The order of performance at Eurovision 2017 in the first semi-final:

1. Sweden. Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”

2. Georgia. Tamara Gachechiladze “Keep The Faith”

3. Australia. Isaiah “Don’t Come Easy?”

4. Albania. The “World”

5. Belgium. Blanche “City Lights”

6. Chornogoriya. Slavko Kalezić Space

7. Finland. Norma John “Blackbird”

8. Azerbaijan. Dihaj “Skeletons”

9. Portugal. Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”

10. Greece. Demy “This is Love”

11. Poland. Kasia Moś “Flashlight”

12. Moldova. Sunstroke Project “Hey Mamma”

13. Iceland. Svala “Paper”

14. Czech Republic. Martina Bárta “My Turn”

15. Cyprus. Hovig “Gravity”

16. Armenia. Artsvik “Fly With Me”

17. Slovenia. Omar Naber “On My Way”

18. Latvia. Triana Park “Line”

The order of performance at Eurovision-2017 in the second semifinal:

1. Serbia. Tijana Bogićević “In Too Deep”

2. Austria. Nathan Trent “Running On Air”

3. Macedonia. Jana Burčeska “Dance Alone”

4. Malta. Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly”

5. Romania. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea “Yodel It!”

6. The Netherlands. OG3NE “Lights and Shadows”

7. Hungary. Pápai Joci “Origo”

8. Denmark. Anja “Where I Am”

9. Ireland. Brendan Murray “Dying to Try”

10. San Marino. Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson “Spirit of the Night”

11. Croatia. Jacques Houdek “My Friend”

12. Norway. JOWST “Grab The Moment”

13. Switzerland. Timebelle “Apollo”

14. Byelorussia. Naviband “Story of My Life”

15. Bulgaria. Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess”

16. Lithuania. Fusedmarc “Rain Of Revolution”

17. Estonia. Koit Toome & Laura “Verona”

18. Israel. IMRI “I Feel Alive”

Countries-participants of Eurovision-2017, which will perform in the final:

Ukraine. O. Torvald “Time”

Italy. Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali”s Karma”

UK. Lucie Jones “Never Give Up On You”

Spain. Manel Navarro “Do It For Your Lover”

Germany. Levina “Perfect Life”

France. Alma “Requiem”.

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