Eurovision-2017: the initiator of the arrest of the 15-million bail

Became known details of the financial scandal associated with the Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine. So, the amount of 15 million euros, as a guarantee for the successful holding of the Eurovision-2017 that has provided Kyiv, was arrested at the suit of the European TV channel Euronews.
This was stated by the Chairman of the National public TV and radio company (NOTE) Zurab Alasania, transfer “Ukrainian news”.
As you know, June 22, Geneva management of debt enforcement have arrested a 15 million Euro Deposit for the Eurovision song contest in 2017, which Ukraine has allocated as a guarantee for the competition in Kiev.
“Third party appeared. After we hired a firm, a Swiss law firm, she went to court and got the papers. Of them definitely should be, that is Euronews. This is the official information,” – said Alasania.
He also noted that there is a possibility of appealing the decision within 10 days of receipt of documents (until 11 July).
Alasania said that on 5 July a meeting was held in the Cabinet on this issue.

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