“Eurovision-2017” offer to send Diana Shurygina

Diana Shurygina



Photo from open sources

The representative of Russia on “Eurovision-2017” I want to make Diana Shurygina.

Internet users puzzled about the idea to send to the song contest “Eurovision-2017” Julia Samoylova, a singer with disabilities. Many thought that the country thus deprived of the poor chance to win, as suggested many other options.

One of the candidates was the heroine of the five episodes of “Let them talk” and a rape victim Diana Shurygina. She was inspired by music blogger Enjoykin on writing new songs.

According to Vladimir Varfolomeyev, who is Deputy chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”, the competition should send Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova. In early March, leading criticized the speech of the one-legged dancer on the show “Minute of fame”. Also among the options raised by users was the Duo Lazarev Shnurov. The most original proposal was “bills for gas” . The evening of March 12, the First channel has announced that Russia will be represented by Samoilov on the Eurovision song contest.

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