Eurovision-2017: it became known as earned Ukraine

The organizing Committee of Eurovision-2017 reported on expenses and income as a result of the song contest in Ukraine.
During the conference, Executive producer Pavlo Hrytsak said that ticket was earned 65% more than the forecasted amount of 72.5 million hryvnia, writes TSN. He noted that all sold more than 64 thousand tickets – most of them acquired foreign guests.
Only Ukraine has spent for the competition of 20.4 million euros (603 million). 328 million UAH was spent from the state budget, 193 million – expenditures from the budget of Kyiv, 83 million UAH are means of rent the commentary booths and other commercial revenues.
In the accounts after the contest remained 277 million. Another 142 million of this amount should pay, and 135 million, according to Hrytsak, Ukraine has saved.

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