Eurovision-2017: how to vote for the participants

To vote in the Eurovision song contest in may 2017 the people of each country that participates in Eurovision song contest. The website “24” tells how to do it.
During the Eurovision song contest 2017 will be three voting: after the first and second semi-finals on 9 and 11 may, and a popular vote after the final.
We emphasize that Ukraine can only vote in the second semifinal, as determined by a draw.
To vote for their favorite participant of Eurovision-2017, you need to send SMS with his serial number to a special number, which will be announced live on 9 may. You can send up to 20 votes for one or more participants.
If you send SMS over the country, where money from your account will be written off, however, the vote will not count.
The number and order of the participants in the Eurovision song contest 2017 in the first semi-final (may 9)
1. Sweden. Robin Bengtsson “I Can not Go On”
2. Georgia. Tamara Gachechiladze “Keep The Faith”
3. Australia. Isaiah “Do not Come Easy?”
4. Albania. The “World”
5. Belgium. Blanche “City Lights”
6. Montenegro. Slavko Kalezić Space
7. Finland. Norma John “Blackbird”
8. Azerbaijan. Dihaj “Skeletons”
9. Portugal. Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”
10. Greece. Demy “This is Love”
11. Poland. Kasia Moś “Flashlight”
12. Moldova. Sunstroke Project “Hey Mamma”
13. Iceland. Svala “Paper”
14. Czech Republic. Martina Bárta “My Turn”
15. Cyprus. Hovig “Gravity”
16. Armenia. Artsvik “Fly With Me”
17. Slovenia. Omar Naber “On My Way”
18. Latvia. Triana Park “Line”
In 2016 at Eurovision changed the rules of counting of votes. Earlier scores from the jury and spectators were formed and participants were given a total score from each country.
Now the judges and the audience will award points to performers separately, and will be aired to announce two scores. With this system the audience until the last minute will not know the name of the winner. After all, the voices of the audience will be lead to announce the starting of the country that received the fewest points and ending with the country with the highest number of points.
In case of equal points the winner is the participant with the highest number of votes from viewers.
The finals and semi-finals of Eurovision-2017 assessment from the jury and the audience will decide:
12 points – the song with the highest evaluation score;
10 points – song, which takes the second place;
8 points – the song that won third place;
7 points – fourth place and so on.
The Channel 24 is the national media partner of the Eurovision-2017

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