Eurovision-2017: everything you need to know about the contest

Eurovision-2017 will be held in Kyiv on 9, 11 and 13 may. This is one of the largest events planned for this year in the capital. The competition will bring together about a thousand people from official delegations, 20 thousand visitors and 1500 journalists.
How will Kiev during Eurovision-2017, which is the perfect place to have fun, watch the contest to eat, where to drink, where it is forbidden? The website “24” has prepared answers to all these questions and more.

How much will the show in the Eurovision 2017?
Eurovision is not only one semifinal and the final of the competition. Only in Kiev will host nine shows. Six of them is the dress rehearsal of the competition. The first rehearsal is scheduled for April 30. And rehearsals too, you can visit.
The day before the live broadcasts will be held definie evening shows. In the days of the semifinals and finals will be held the rehearsal at 14:00. The main advantage is the tickets for the rehearsal are much cheaper. Price starts from 199 UAH. And this despite the fact that the cost of tickets for semi-final starts at 1199 USD. You can purchase tickets here.
In addition, define semi-finals is a great opportunity to see performances of all the contestants.
A detailed schedule of concerts and dress rehearsals of the Eurovision song contest-2017: 8 may, 22:00 – second rehearsal of first semifinal; may 9 16:00 – the third rehearsal of the first semi-final may 9, 22:00 – first semi-final; 10 may 22:00 – second rehearsal of the second semi-final; may 11, 16:00 – the third rehearsal of the second semi-final; 11 may 22:00 – second semi-final; may 12, 22:00 – second rehearsal of the finale; may 13, 14:00 – the third rehearsal of the final; may 13 22:00 – Eurovision song contest-2017.
How to buy tickets for the Eurovision song contest in 2017?
Selling tickets for Eurovision-2017 began on 14 February on the website of the official ticket agent
As of March 14, has sold 23 thousand tickets, half of them were bought by foreigners.
Note, the tickets for the final of the Eurovision song contest-2017 is already sold out. Now you can only buy tickets for the semis and rehearsals.
Where will the Eurovision song contest?
The main events of the Eurovision song contest, semifinals and finals will take place on 9, 11 and 13 may at the International exhibition center near the metro station.
The IEC is one of the largest exhibition centers of Ukraine: the total area is 58 thousand square meters, and the area of exhibition halls – 28 thousand square meters. Arena is able to accommodate up to 10 people.
The planned size of the stage of the Eurovision song contest-2017 – about 750 square meters.
The installation of the main stage of Eurovision-2017
German designer Florian Wieder is the author of the scene – explained that she is going to represent Ukraine as the center of Europe. It was therefore elected to form the circle.
The layout of the stage for Eurovision-2017
This concept of a scene will allow viewers to be so close to the performers as possible.
The main stage of Eurovision-2017 affects the dimensions
Where to watch live broadcasts of the Eurovision song contest?
Live broadcasts of concerts can be viewed on two large screens in Kiev.
The Eurovision village will be located on Khreschatyk street (between the streets of B. Khmelnitsky and Welt), and will run from 4 to 14 may. There are scheduled food courts, concerts and many other attractions. And there will be a large screen.
The second screen will be installed at the Sofia square, where on April 30 will open the fan zone with a vertical lawn of flowers. The entire territory is made with a special coating, and will be planted around 10 thousand tulips.
The layout of the fan zone on St. Sophia square
The location should resemble the shape of a necklace with tents of various sizes. Act entertainment area will be until may 14.

The program of activities in the fan zone of the Eurovision song contest in Sofia
Another official location Eurovision Euroclub in Parkovy center (helipad opposite the Verkhovna Rada). Here from 1 to 14 may will be held private parties for participants.
The logo and slogan of the Eurovision-2017
A key slogan of the Eurovision-2017 – Celebrate Diversity, which means “Respect diversity”. A logo contest is a traditional Ukrainian necklace that is not only the oldest female a decoration but also a talisman. Originality of the decoration adds just what it consists of a large number of various beads, each of which is special.

The official logo of the Eurovision song contest-2017
The slogan “Celebrate Diversity” is about the unification of Europe and countries abroad whose citizens will come together to honor what unites us and what differentiates one from another, makes us unique. Also all unite good music, – explained the Executive Director of the Eurovision Jon Ola sand.

Eurovision brand video from banda on Vimeo.

However, the logo like not all Ukrainians, and social networks filled witty variations.
The logo of the Eurovision song contest-2017 became a hero meme
Has not managed and without scandal. Reporters learned that the work on logo cost the state as much as 420 thousand hryvnias. In addition, the tender was allowed only Ukrainian designers.
Opening and red carpet
The official opening of the competition will take place on may 7. Begin the opening with a red carpet with a length of 265 meters near the Mariinsky Palace. By the way, this is a record length red carpet in the history of the contest!
The opening of Eurovision-2017 will take place near Mariinsky Palace
A rooftop “Park” the representatives of the participating countries will raise the flags and attend the concert with performances of Ruslana, Jamal, Oleh Skrypka, the group “druga Rika” and the national orchestra of folk instruments.
The scheme of the red carpet the Eurovision song contest-2017
The live broadcast of the event everyone will be able to see, on screen, on campus of “Eurovision” to the capital.
Who will lead the competition?
Leading Eurovision became Vladimir Ostapchuk, Alexander skichko, Timur Miroshnichenko and singer Olga Cybulski.
Leading Eurovision-2017
Ostapchuk and skichko will be partners on stage, and Miroshnichenko will work in the green room.
Who is involved?
This year announced the participation of 43 countries, but because of the ban entry into Ukraine contestant from Russia Yulia Samoilova, their number decreased to 42. However, participation in this year refused not only to Russia, five more countries.
So, Andorra in 2016, said he would not participate in the competition. Bosnia and Herzegovina was disqualified – because of debts to the EBU in the amount of 6 million Swiss francs. Luxembourg, too, will not be represented at the Eurovision song contest-2017 – from participation in the competition, the country refused in 1993, but this year, the government filed the petition for discussion about returning to the competition. Monaco refuses to participate since 2006. In Slovakia explained that no country in the competition since 2012 due to financial costs. Turkey in October 2016, said that too will not participate.
In the first semifinal of Eurovision-2017 will be:
Australia – AA with the song “DonotComeEasy” Azerbaijan – DiHaj with the song “Skeletons” Albania – Lindita with the song “World” Belgium – Blanche with the song “City Lights” Armenia Artsvik with the song “Fly With Me” Greece – Demy with the song “This is Love” Georgia – Tamara Gachechiladze with her song “Keep The Faith” Iceland – Svala with the song “Paper” Cyprus – Hovig with the song “Gravity” Latvia Triana Park with the song “Line” Moldova – Sunstroke Project with the song “Hey Mamma” Poland – Kasia Moś with the song “Flashlight” Portugal – Salvador Sobral with the song “Amar Pelos Dois” Slovenia – Omar Naber with the song “On My Way” Finland – Norma John with the song “Blackbird” Czech Republic – Martina Bárta with the song “My Turn” Montenegro – Slavko Kalezić with the song “Space” Sweden – Robin Bengtsson song “I Can not Go On”
The participants of the second semifinal:
Austria – Nathan Trent with the song “Running On Air” Belarus – Naviband with the song “Story of My Life” Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov with the song “Beautiful Mess” Denmark – Anja with the song “Where I Am” Estonia – Koit Toome and Laura with the song “Verona” Israel – IMRI with the song “I Feel Alive” Ireland – Brendan Murray with the song “Dying to Try” Lithuania Fusedmarc with the song “Rain Of Revolution” Macedonia – Jana Burčeska with the song “Dance Alone” Malta – Claudia Faniello with the song “Breathlessly” Netherlands – OG3NE with the song “Lights and Shadows” Norway – JOWST with the song “Grab The Moment” Russia – Julia Samoylova with the song “the Flame is Burning” (refused participation) Romania – Ilinca ft. Florea Alex with the song “Yodel It!” San Marino – Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson with the song “Spirit of the Night” Serbia – Tijana Bogićević with the song “In Too Deep” Hungary – Play Pápai with the song “Origo” Croatia – Jacques Houdek with the song “My Friend” Switzerland – Timebelle with the song “Apollo”
The show Eurovision-2017
Automatically to the final country of the “Big five” and the host country current song contest. To them in the final show of the Eurovision song contest-2017 will be added to the ten participants from each semi-final, which will receive the highest scores of audience and judicial voting.
The group O. Torvald represents Ukraine at the Eurovision-2017
The final will be presented:
UK – Lucie Jones with the song “Never Give Up On You” Spain – Manel Navarro with the song “Do It For Your Lover” Italy – Francesco Gabbani with the song “Occidentali”s Karma” Germany – Levina with the song “Perfect Life” Ukraine – O. Torvald with the song “Time” France – Alma with the song “Requiem”
The Finalists Of The Eurovision-2017
How will you choose the winner?
Participants appreciate the professional jury and viewers from all countries participating in the competition. The jury selects the best, in their opinion, the song that gives 12 points, the next 10 points and so on. The same system with the votes of the audience: the party with the highest number, gets 12, the next 10.
First, speakers from all countries declare only 12 points from the jury. Then count the votes of the audience. These votes are declared already leading the competition, beginning with the country that received the fewest points and ending with the country with the highest number of points.
Thus, the winner becomes known only after the announcement of the votes from both the jury and viewers.
Where and how to have fun during the Eurovision song contest in 2017?
Probably in the contest in Kiev will restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages. To ban alcohol (beer, low alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and wines) I want close to a European Village on Khreschatyk street and the area around the ICC.
At different festive locations to ban alcohol and don’t plan.
The tourists and residents of Kiev are waiting on Trinity square in front of the metro station “Olympic” – there will be concerts of jazz, classical and “the best samples of national music”. Here will be equipped with food court, workshops, exhibitions, children’s entertainment, photo zone and information centre.
Kontraktova square is scheduled for art project “Feel Ukraine”. It is planned to hold a day of jazz, the day masters, the day of Ukrainian literature, fine arts day, a day of costume and jewelry.
The hem will be held the festival “finding made in Ukraine” with numerous Ukrainian brands.

Entertainment location Eurovision-2017

At the Postal square will organize a festival-karaoke. Sing the hits in the history of Eurovision will be with Ruslana Lyzhychko.
In the reserve “Kyiv fortress” will make an entertainment zone called “the First Kiev plein air “Kyiv art fort 2017”. The idea is to use a fortification for the formation of a peaceful artistic platform. On the day of Europe will hold a charity exhibition-auction in support of wounded soldiers ATO.
During the Eurovision song contest on 12-14 may in Kiev will host a festival of light and media art Kyiv Lights Festival. The structures on contract, Post and Mykhailivska squares and Andriyivskyy descent will be demonstrating the light show.

For drivers: where better not to go during Eurovision-2017
In Kiev will block some the Central streets of the city, and will also change the routes of public transport.
Longer – for two weeks – from may 1 to 15 will block the streets around the main stage near the metro station “left Bank”. It Nikolsko-Slobodskaya street and Metropolitan Sheptytsky (from str to ul. Raisy Okipnoy).
From 26 April to 18 may block the Khreshchatyk where there will be a European Village. May 7 opening day of the competition will be blocked traffic near the Mariinsky Park is a street Grushevskogo, partially Institute, Garden, Lipsky, mulberry, Park road.
Traffic during Eurovision-2017
May 1 needs to access the updated lobbies metro station “left Bank”. The competition needs to run river tram, which will run from the River station (Poshtova Ploshcha) to the dock at the ICC.
During the final 13 may the work of public transport will be extended to 4 hours.
Who will guard?
Militiamen promise unprecedented security measures for the duration of the contest. To control the contest will involve 10 thousand police officers, 3 thousand national guards, dog handlers and sappers.
The city will work 11 thousand surveillance cameras which will be connected to a single center. Also a single database connect cameras in private homes, shops, pharmacies, offices.
Eurovision-2017 will be guarded by 10 thousand cops
In the strengthened mode will work rescuers, the river will be on duty divers, at the airport “Kiev” – the plane an-26 and helicopter “Eurocopter”.

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