European cups-2017/18: the Second basket may be the key

Antonio CONTE has not only led Chelsea to the title of the English Premier League, but returned the London club to the Champions League. Photo: Reuters

Before the start of the new season try to imagine how it will look in the fall League Champions.

For this we use the standard method and assume that in the qualifying rounds will be stronger seeds.


Basket 1

Real 176,999

Bayern 154,899

Chelsea 106,192

Juventus 140,666

Benfica 111,866

Monaco 62,333

Spartacus 18,606

MINER 87,526

Basket 2

Barcelona 151,999

Atletico 142,999

PSG 126,333

Dortmund 124,899

Seville* 112,999

Manchester City 100,192

Port 98,866

Manchester UTD. 95,192

Basket 3

Napoli* 88,666

Tottenham 77,192

Basel 74,415

DYNAMO* 67,526

Ajax* 67,212

Olympiacos** 64,580

Anderlecht 58,480

Liverpool* 56,192

Basket 4

Roma 53,666

Besiktas 45,840

Celtic** 42,785

Salzburg** 40,570

Copenhagen** 37,800

Ludogorets** 34,175

Feyenord 23,212

Leipzig 15,899

* in the case of the “tournament 15”.

** in case of “picking winners”.

Outset that virtual “sowing” should be treated critically. On it and virtually. In addition, only 22 teams already are in the group stage, and 10 have yet to qualify. Usually not all seeds cannot confirm the status of favorite.

So, “Dynamo”, which is a virtual runs in the League, has yet to prove that the figures in the column “Coeff.” properly reflect the level of the Kiev club. And we need to hope that the fall will see the main club tournament in Europe two Ukrainian teams.

Recall that from the 2015/16 to the rules of the Champions League made some changes. Now the winner of the Europa League the previous season, now gets the right to play in the Champions League. And to start, or will immediately in the group stage or in the 4th qualifying round, depending on space in the national championship, and given the place in the national League winner of the Champions League the previous season.

As a result of such procedural innovations England in the upcoming season will be presented in the Champions League five clubs (Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester city and Liverpool – according to the national quota, as well as “Manchester United” on the rights of the winner of LE-2016/17).

Note that theoretically the winner of the UEFA Champions League group stage can be occupied, if the Champions League win the club who will not be able to qualify for the competitions in the championship of their country (like when someone is “Liverpool”). In this case, the winner of the Europa League will start from the 4th qualifying round. But it is unlikely in the near future the Champions League will win the team that will perform poorly in the national championship.

Another fundamental change concerns seed of the group stage. Before all the baskets were formed in accordance with the club coefficients, and the winner of the Champions League last season automatically ranked first “top seed”. Now the first basket will be a Champions League winner real Madrid and the Champions of the countries occupying in the index table 1-7 space, and the remaining baskets will be formed according to the club coefficients. Here I want to mention one caveat. If the Champions League becomes the champion of the country of the top 7, svalivsheesya place in the first basket goes to the champion, who is in the UEFA coefficients table 8-e a place. So Shakhtar” was in the “top seed” group of the tournament.

It is interesting to compare the top shopping cart on the old and new rules of formation:

The old way new way

Real Madrid Real Madrid

Bavaria Bavaria

Barcelona Chelsea

Atlético Juventus

Juventus Benfica

PSG Monaco

Dortmund Spartacus


The caveat is that a club with a low coefficient (e.g., “Spartacus”) previously would have never reached even a third of the basket, and now will chair the group. Really wanting to play in such a group will be more than enough. On the other hand, such monsters as Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla FC, Manchester city, FC Porto and “Manchester United” from the second basket can any Quartet to turn into the “group of death”. Imagine this: Bayern, Barcelona, Tottenham, Roma?

Alexander PRESIC, Sport-Express in Ukraine


In the calculation of UEFA coefficients for a win is awarded 2 points for a draw 1 (in the qualifying rounds, respectively 1 and 0.5), and the sum of the scores divided by the number representing the country clubs. Recall the system of bonus points.


For participation in the Champions League GT 4

For an exit in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League 5

For an exit in 1/4 final 1

For access to the 1/2 final 1

For the finals 1

Another group bonus points only count when you calculate the club coefficient, and therefore does not affect the coefficients of the countries.


(only for the calculation of the ratio club)


For participation in 1ОР 0,50 0,25

For participation in 2ОР 1,00 0,50

For participation in 3ОР to 1.00

For participation in 4ОР – 1,50

For participation in GT – 2,00*

* If in matches of the group stage of the Europa League team to score more than two points (2.00 points in the club coefficient is the so – called guaranteed minimum).

No additional bonus points for participation in the 3rd and 4th qualifying rounds of the Champions League due to the fact that the losers of these stages are not eliminated from the competition, and go into the Europa League.

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