European cups-2017/18: the Group picked up Shevchenko

Thursday. Monaco. The draw for the group stage of the Champions League. Photo: Reuters

In Monaco decided rivals “Shakhtar”, “Dynamo” and “Dawn” in the group tournaments.

Details – in the reporting of special correspondent “SE”

Alexander BOBROV

from Monaco

Our bus struggled along the narrow streets of Monaco with the speed of a turtle. So slowly that raised the question: in time to the beginning of the draw. But would not just catch. Needed a smartphone to shoot the arrival in the Grimaldi forum main stars.

Passed the famous casino, down towards the waterfront – familiar places. Here begins the walk of Champions with the prints of the feet of many football celebrities. But what is it? The promenade is not to know. A tall fence with a painted sea. And vengeance is a reconstruction…

Never before such a crowd at the Grimaldi forum, where the draw for the group stage of the Champions League and Europa League, to not ever see. The crowd exceeded last year and the year before several times. Sound effect too. Although Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and many other stars came here before. Just got out of the bus roar. Not to our address. From the jeep with the symbols of the Champions League looked out Clarence Seedorf.

Gianluigi Buffon was on the red carpet zigzagging from one group of fans to another. Selfies, autographs… Met the goalkeeper-the veteran caught two of the three nominees for individual prizes, as well noisy, as Messi. And just as persistently called to the fence to take pictures. But one detail in the appearance of the shot is definitely different from its two competitors in struggle for the main trophy of the best player of the year. No, he wasn’t wearing goalie gloves. Just on his costume was the emblem of Juventus, but the emblems of Barcelona and real Madrid Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were not observed…

This year, the UEFA for the first time established the prizes to the best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker. Most of the prizes went to players of real Madrid. And only the goalie is Buffon. “Of course, glad to receive it. Especially in this age, ‘ smiled the goalkeeper. – Why so long to play? Apparently still hungry football. And… not smarter”.

The best among the players of defense called Sergio Ramos, among the Midfielders – Luka Modric, among the forwards – Cristiano Ronaldo. As soon as they sat down on their seats in the hall, I approached a pretty girl in a special dress, which opened her entire back, and took the prizes. She then passed them to an assistant – he took it somewhere backstage.

A special prize was handed and Francesco Totti. For the faithful and honest service to one club – Roma. The prize bears the name of the presidential. The head of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin, founder its just handed over to the Italian. And Totti, and Ceferin, founder like the security guards of the President of any state. Both on the neck and behind the ear was twisted cords communication devices.

The UEFA President then returned to the hall, but the Italian remained at the scene. Together with the Ambassador of the Kiev Champions League Andriy Shevchenko to hold the draw. Totti chose the team, Sheva picked up their group. Roma sent to Chelsea and Atletico, for which he received an oral reprimand in Italian. How probably tired of each other real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund! Four times in the last six seasons the lot drove them to each other. Mystic… And “Shakhtar” went to “Manchester city”, “Napoli” and “Feyenoord”.

Tell me honestly, have you had doubts that recognize the best player Cristiano Ronaldo? He won with a huge advantage. Voted by journalists and coaches together they collected his 482 points. Messi – 141, Buffon – 109. Even together they scored less than the player “Royal club”, who had spent a brilliant season. Women won the Dutch Among the Martens, who recently joined Barcelona.

Friday was the draw for the group stage of the Europa League. With a light hand of Henrik Larsson and Eric Abidal Dynamo were in the same group with “young boys”, who recently blocked the path of Kiev in the Champions League. The Quartet added “Partisan” and “Skenderbeu”. But “the Dawn” came across much more formidable opponents – “athletic”, “Gert” and “√∂stersund”.


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