European championship: Put Europe on the blades

Thursday. Warsaw. It took me a minute George ZANTARAYA to the finals to make win over Adrian GAMBIER. Photo: eju.net

Georgiy Zantaraya and Daria Beloded get rich Ukraine in the first day of competition in Warsaw.

Yesterday, six years after the first and only career victory on the European championship again at the highest rung of the continental pedestal rose 29-year-old George Zantaraya (66 kg).

In turn, just fabulous was the Warsaw debut of 16-year-old Daria Beloded (to 48 kg). The current champion of the continent among juniors and the world champion among cadets-2015 three fights out of four won in extra time, including the bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympics in Chernivtsi Eva from Hungary, blocked in consequence of the way to the third step of the podium for another Ukrainian Maryna Cherniak.

Such a rapid rise as the eng could be the envy of even the legendary Greek Ilias Iliadis, his first European gold won in 17. And now, surely biting elbows “Deryugin School”. As Daria began his life in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. But the call of the blood still won. Note that trained young star parents – known former judo Gennady Beloded, two-time European champion (2001, 2003), bronze medalist at the 2005 world Championships, participant of three Olympic games (2000, 2004, 2008) and Svetlana Kuznetsova, master of sport of the USSR.

To the continental championship in Warsaw Daria took part only in one adult tournament – European Open, which took place in early March in the Czech capital. “I came, I saw, I conquered!” Among judoists, whose 16-year-old from Kiev knocked out on the way to gold Prague was not one of its future rivals for the European championship in Warsaw. Yesterday each new release on the Mat meant for Ukrainian reconnaissance. But I guess she felt even more confident than the opponent, maximizing the advantages of its high for easy weight loss growth, and showed no signs of fear of authority.

In the first meeting in the rivals he got Mary Persian. Big victories in the career of 25-year-old judoist of Russia before it was not, but over the past six months she managed to collect a full set of medals on “Gran-at”. That is was clearly on the move. Regulation time ended with no score, but with three “shido”: two Russians, one Beloded. 25 seconds of “the Golden is fast” she remarks rival “caught up”. It was already the second minute of extra time when he attempted an attack. Success it has not crowned, but ended the third “shido”, and “HANSOKU-make” for Persian.

In the quarterfinals he eliminated no less a top seed, the winner of the last two Grand slams in Paris and Baku Milica Nikolic. Earning a score at the end of the second minute, the 22-year-old Serbian went on the defensive. 57 seconds before the end and it showed the first “shido”, a 45 – second. The scoreboard remained four seconds, when after the next attack Ukrainian judge urged the opponents to lead judoku and belt in order. And all in order to punish already see themselves in the semifinals, the Serbian third fatal remark. Her fury knew no bounds so much so that a handshake in the performance he turned out more like a go-ahead from Nikolic.

But it was still florets in comparison with that opponent, which Daria had to fight for the finals. 30-year-old Eva from Hungary Chernivtsi – two-time European champion (2013, 2014), bronze medalist of world championship (2011) and Olympics (2012) did not expect such resistance from the young women of Ukraine. In the main time productive for anyone to hold failed (rivals finished with equal score by “shido”). But for more – experienced Hungarian was breathing noticeably heavier, as a result was punished a second time. At the beginning of the second minute “the Golden is fast” another attack of the Ukrainian judoists reached the goal.

In extra time decided the fate of the final match against 21-year-old Russian woman Irina Debt, as well as Beloded ferusa at the time, at the level of cadets and juniors (two gold world samples and four European). Daria seemed to allow the opponent to seize the initiative, getting two “shido”. However, any of the cast to spend gave. 19 seconds of “the Golden is fast” dumped it myself using the “kharay-makikomi”, or as they call this technique “turntables”. Then landed in the arms of her first secundiramea in the finals of the father, and then sitting in the stands my mother, who drove her on the Mat in the morning of the competition.

If Daria Beloded it was the first championship for George Zantaraya tenth. However, all the European success of 29-year-old judoka from Kiev Dating back to more of the last Olympic cycle, when he competed in the Flyweight (silver Tbilisi-2009, gold Istanbul 2011). Going after the Games in London in the category up to 66 kg George above fifth place in the individual competition at the continental Championships was not raised.

Conversing with the correspondent “SE” on the eve of departure to Warsaw coach of Ukraine Vitaliy Dubrova did not hide the fact that his pupil did not manage to reach the level of absolute readiness for the European championship. But it said: “geo is such an athlete that if he wakes up with a good attitude and he will fight, he can win against any opponent.” This actually happened yesterday, at “Torwar Arena.”

Your way to the top of the podium of the Ukrainian judoka started yesterday with a victory over host Mat Patrikom Moviecom. Exchanged with opponents comments, Zantaraia, who, incidentally, was also quite an impressive support group in Warsaw, earned score. It eventually brought George to the next round. “IPPON”, which is our judoka organized in half a minute after that, still canceled. But pole to the end of the fight nothing more, but another “shido”, are not distinguished.

Interestingly, as with Vavricka, with his next opponent Zantaraya to never met. However, the 22-year-old Italian Matteo Medves except second place on the home stage of the European Open in February of this year in Rome and have nothing to boast. Nevertheless, he managed 45 seconds before the end of the battle to make Alaverdi earned another in the second minute of “Vasari” Zantaraya. However, the last answer was not long in coming. After the second missed throw from the Ukrainian defending champion Italy to win could not any more.

From the meeting in the quarterfinals with the first seeded tal Flicker of Israel Zantaraya saved Belarusian Dmitry Minkov. George also had two minutes to leave the defending champion of Europe (U-21) on “IPPON”. In the finals our judoka brought the “Vasari” that he got at the equator of the fight with a Slovak Mothers with Polycom, somewhat surprisingly selected in the top four had more vivid on it’s candidates pool “B”.

To argue for second career European championship gold Zantaraia had with the Slovenian Adrian Gambier, ranked fifth at the Olympics in Rio. But the fans don’t even have time to worry, as within a minute after the start of the fight, the opponent was pinned to the Mat. And it is now clear that the last word Zantaraya, forced to give up on the way to the gold Warsaw younger, full of energy and ambition, opponents, obviously have not said. And there, staring, and Tokyo is not far away.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

WARSAW. The Championship Of Europe. Men. Up to 60 kg. 1. Mshvidobadze (Russia). 2. Gerchev (Bulgaria). 3. Garrigos ‘ (Spain), Safarov (Azerbaijan). 5. Chkhvimiani, Papinashvili (both Georgia). The final. Mshvidobadze – Gerchev – 000 s1/000 s2 (5.14).

To 66 kg. 1. ZANTARAYA (Ukraine). 2. Gomboc (Slovenia). 3. Shikhalizada (Azerbaijan), Pollak (Slovakia). 5. Minkov (Belarus), Shmailov (Israel)… 9. Margvelashvili (Georgia), POISONS (Ukraine). 1/16 finals. ZANTARAIA – Vasicek (Poland) – 001 s1/000 s2 (4.00). POISONS – vukićević (Serbia) – 002 s1/000 (4.00). The 1/8 finals. ZANTARAIA – Medves (Italy) – 002 s1/001 (4.00). Smailov – POISONS – 001/000 (4.00). 1/4 finals. ZANTARAIA – minkow – 100/000 s1 (2.13). 1/2 finals. ZANTARAIA – Polak – 001/000 (4.00). The final. ZANTARAIA – Gomboc – 100/000 s1 (1.01).

Women. To 48 kg. 1. BELODED (Ukraine). 2. Dolgov (Russia). 3. Ungureanu (Romania), Chernivtsi (Hungary). 5. Minsker (Israel), CHERNYAK (Ukraine). The 1/8 finals. The ENG – Persian (Russia) – 100 s1/000 s3 (5.25). CHERNIAK – the Ultimate (Poland) – 001 s1/000 s1 (4.00). 1/4 finals. BELODED – Nikolic (Serbia) – 100/001 s3 (3.56). Ungureanu – CHERNYAK – 110 s1/000 s1 (2.41). 1/2 finals. BELODED – Chernivtsi – 001 s1/000 s2 (5.15). Consolation round. CHERNYAK – Rishon (Israel) – 002/001 s1 (4.00). For the 3rd place. Chernivtsi – CHERNYAK – 001 s2/000 s1 (4.00). The final. BELODED – Dolgov – 001 s2/000 (4.19).

Up to 52 kg. 1. Kelmendi (Kosovo). 2. Kuznetsova (Russia). 3. Kopp (Switzerland), Ramos (Portugal). 5. Giuffrida (Italy), Cohen (Israel). The final. Kelmendi* – Kuznetsova – 110/000 (3.11).

Up to 57 kg 1. Nieto (France). 2. Stoll (Germany). 3. Jakova (Kosovo), Resava (France). 5. Iliev (Bulgaria), Zabludina (Russia). The final. Nieto – Stoll – 110/000 (1.36).

* Champ (champion) in Europe in 2016.

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