Europe shocked by Skillsi


Users of social networks – the mascot of Euro 2020 Skillsi.

At the end of last week before the match Holland – Germany was presented the mascot of Euro 2020.

Most Twitter users met mascot named Skillsi negative – got both his appearance and name.

ingrampoveritas: “In our day, mascots of the Olympics and the Euro are getting worse and worse. And only FIFA chooses are worthy.”

Lawa Laura: “the Worst mascot of all”

Ian Chanserelli 3: “Why the hell the mascot – a man? It’s awful! Simply select the real Ambassador.”

UTV Chris: “Looks like you crossed woody from “toy Story” and Wayne Rooney”.

Weepinggore: “because Of this, I’m gonna have nightmares”

Jannick Baronen: “You could not hire a mascot from the Philadelphia Flyers for the summer?”

Johannballer66: “Who the heck is this?”

Rubben_MC: “This is a joke, isn’t it? Not about the freestylers, but about the mascot. Who created this?”

micheleslima: “Here is the talisman!”

User under the name DinoRIk7 wrote: “no more Animals”. He alludes to the fact that the last mascot was not created in the image of man, was used during Euro 2000 – it was a lion-devil Beneduci. After him was the boy Kinash (Portugal, 2004), the twins Trix and Flix (Austria and Switzerland, 2008), Gemini Slawek and Slavko (Poland and Ukraine, 2012) and boy Super Victor (France 2016).

thunderclap999: “Guys, you didn’t even try. It’s awful. You have a year to fix is a disgrace. Whoever suggested it should be fired”.

DArtsov: “We live in a world of tolerance and warriors for social justice. And they are not happy to see a man with light skin, not thick or disabled as a symbol for all. This is the only reason to choose an animal is the best choice.”

fedriza: “I would choose Pinocchio (talisman Euro 1980 held in Italy. – Approx. “SE”). It is very original”.

babylon_740: “What is this crap?!”

w_apriadi: “Looks like it was done in the app on the phone.”

0__Andy__0: “Abomination. Looking straight into your soul and knows your deepest fears”.

Duckworth365: “Skills? Seriously? At what age group it is intended?”

West Hullensian: “He doesn’t look like a European.”

Orel Fargas: “Looks like Juan Quintero has created his own avatar on Xbox Live”.

Some tweets are so eloquent that the extra words are just not needed.

Dmitry SOMOV, Sport-Express

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