Eugenics: the horrors of Western civilization

Eugenics: the horrors of Western civilization as they estv Western “civilization” until the 1970s there was child slavery, sterilization was carried out for the sake of the purity of the nation and
experiments on lobotomy in babies. A selection of articles about the excesses of eugenics in the parasitic system…


European people-savages

Author eg.ru

Who invented that Russia lapotnaya and enlightened Europe? What is included in the notorious Western values? What we offer envy, looking at some now prosperous Switzerland or Canada? In the USSR in the 1930s rapidly growing industry, the children created the conditions for the study, women gave all the rights, developing social programs. Winning a terrible war, in 1957, we launched a satellite into space, in 1961 GAGARIN departed, 1963 – TERESHKOVA. Now let’s see what happened in those years in “developed” countries.

– One morning my mother took me by the hand, we boarded the train and arrived at the farm. I was four, recalls 58-year-old Swiss Peter Weber. She said: you stay here and left. I think at this point I lost faith in people. From the first day I was put to work . Beat for any offense, or just because – every day.


Slaves were selected carefully: why spend money…



Verdingkinder – contract children. This phenomenon existed in Switzerland from the 1920s to 1970-ies. The child was seized from the family for various reasons: divorced parents, single mother, poverty, or perhaps mom or dad has Gypsy blood (Hello current juvenile justice system!). And some families have volunteered, as in the case of our hero, gave their offspring. The farmers are paid a token amount (even arranged the auction) and received the child in full possession. In the literal sense.

Beatings, sexual abuse, treatment worse than animals, were the norm. Letters and Christmas cards from the parents of the owners threw out. Was considered, the relationship with the family these children do not need. About education, of course, and there was no question. As a result of increased child slaves couldn’t get in life. In addition, under-loved, it was difficult to build relationships – the number of divorces among the former verdingkinder very large. And so many people are unable to start a family.

Peter escaped from the farm when he was 17. Recent years, he collects stories like it, and is trying to attract the attention of the authorities. Officials, however, claim that everything was done in children from urban poverty, they were sent to the farm to breathe fresh air and eat healthy food. That’s just too early matured boys and other memories.


…if they will not last long?


In winter they sewed my pockets, and I could not warm to their hands. Said: work more, and get warm, he told Werner (their names don’t all contract the kids want to call it).

– I was forbidden to talk. They were discussing me like I’m not there, but never communicated with me – adds Clara.

– I was locked in a tiny closet next to the stable, where I ate their scarce food, were fed scraps once a day – says Johann.

It all happened with the full support of the authorities. Preserved official documents of the withdrawal of children and transfer them to farmers. But for decades was ignored, until you began talking themselves former slaves. They wanted to let people know about this savagery, and was surprised to find that this has touched almost every second family.

– We have a lot of calls, people call and say that their grandfather or mother was a contract children, explains Peter Weber.

Only two years ago the government apologized, admitting that period stain in the history of the country. Former slaves satisfied that, material compensation they require. Is it possible to replace the money lost parental love and care?


From the brochure “the Swedish nation in word and picture” in 1921. The correct character types: 1 – 3. “Impure” from the socially lower strata; 4. Masculine woman; 5. Working with a large share of Finnish blood; 6. Gypsy convict with a mixture of Finnish blood



All, of course, heard about eugenics, racial purity and its associated fanaticism of the Nazis. But few know that German geneticists have studied the question on the internship in Sweden. Where in Uppsala in 1921, with the support of the authorities established a State Institute of racial biology. His staff skillfully proved the superiority of the Aryan peoples svei over the tribes of Luppov and Finns, who inhabited the territory of the country initially. Then the violation of the purity of the race leads to its degradation. And sterilization of “defective” people came. The Swedes are not any animals, the procedure was to be voluntary. However, wishing somehow was not. And then a member of the social democratic party, Alva Myrdal developed ideological platform, in order to change the law.

Society has an interest in freedom of the defective reproduction was limited, he had seen this woman, who in 1982 received the Nobel peace prize.

The sterilization and castration of “defective” appeared eager. The mentally ill, representatives of non-Aryan race, poor single mothers and large families, the Roma and Jews, people with antisocial behavior (e.g., juveniles), as well as men “with unusual or excessive sexual desires.” Only 63 thousand people in the period from 1935 to 1976. Only the terms in the law and the name of Institute was changed (it became the Institute of human genetics), especially after the Nuremberg trials, where diligent students of the Swedes – the Nazis were considered criminals.


In Catholic monasteries only in appearance all looked comely


– I went to see in early childhood. But at points my parents did not have enough money. In school, I could not see what the teacher writes on the Board. But was afraid to admit. I was deemed mentally retarded and sent to a boarding school for mentally defective children. At the age of 17 I was called to the headmaster and gave sign some papers. I knew that I needed to sign them. The next day I was sent to the hospital and had surgery. Said that I will never have children, recalled Maria NORDI. She was the first, who in 2011 spoke about the program and demanded compensation from the government. And then to protest was useless. If the social welfare authorities or health care provider recognize you are defective, there are two options: surgery or lifelong incarceration in a mental hospital. So it turned out a “voluntary” consent.

– As a child I occasionally had seizures. Doctors made the diagnosis “epilepsy“. When I got pregnant, the doctor immediately started to convince me that we need to do abortion and sterilization, says barbeau Lisna. – I did not dare to contradict him. It was in 1946. Since I never attack happened. In the 1970s, I was examined again and told that there is no epilepsy I never had. And I did all my life felt like a second class citizen and felt ashamed.


Belgium, 1958. African girl show at the zoo. From visitors to no end, they are baby bananas the monkey


I was in shock, says historian Maya Runes that came across in the archives on documents about decisions on sterilization. For example, there was a letter to the police from the priest. He complained of a 13-year-old girl, not able to learn the catechism. At the end of the 1930-ies it was enough to unfortunate sterilized.

The latest operation was carried out in 1976. And if not for Mary NORDI, about this page in the country’s history gradually forgotten. But the woman raised a fuss, and the government had to respond. The result of those who managed to prove that sterilization was not so voluntary, paid 19 thousand euros.

By the way, not one Sweden a similar law was in force until the second half of the twentieth century. In 30 US States sterilized people with mental illness, sexual orientation, hermaphrodites, and, for example, in Virginia, the representatives of the indigenous population, which was unable to confirm its presence in the state before the arrival of the colonists. Also laws on forced sterilization were in effect in Japan, Austria, Switzerland.


The struggle for the purity of the nation in Sweden was clearly successful



In 1936 Prime Minister of the canadian province of Quebec became a conservative Maurice Duplessis Le noble. A true Catholic, he zealously fought for the purity of the French Canadians. Therefore, children born out of wedlock, unwed parents, followers of other religions, in the family of the poor or unemployed, withdrawn and placed in the monastery shelters. There were children of Communists and trade unionists.

They broke off communication with the outside world and deprived of the inheritance rights of the biological parents. Children were used as free laborand for sexual pleasures. And girls and boys. One of the survivors admitted that he, as an adult, I had to make more than 30 recovery operations the anus.

But most importantly, what was intended for these children, – mental experiments. The field is then well-funded. For example, for the maintenance of one normal child, the government of Canada allocated $1.25 a day, and mentally ill – $2,75. Beneficial owners, realized in the Catholic monasteries. To forge documents of the child was worth nothing. And turned into the “crazies” children were sold to laboratories for experiments. Or just changed the status of the orphanage to a psychiatric clinic.

Description of the atrocities shudder: experimental force-fed strong psychotropic drugs that were tested on them the effect of currents of different frequencies, connecting the terminals to the nipples, crucified on a metal table of the child. A few days kept in a straitjacket and had a lobotomy. This invented by a Portuguese doctor Agasam Monism in 1935, the operation was destruction of the cortex of the frontal lobes of the brain. Get to it, drilling holes in the skull, and later punching an ice pick to the eye socket. As the anesthesia was applied electroshock. Dr. Moniz, among other things, in 1949, became a Nobel laureate in medicine.

Child abuse stopped almost immediately after the death of Maurice Duplessis in 1959. Accidents released to the world, which they did not know, and… forgot about them. The story surfaced in 1989 thanks to the journalists of “Radio Canada”. Miracle survivors have United in the organization “Duplessis Orphans” and began to achieve it – not even the material compensation, and recognition. It is still unknown how many of such children. According to various estimates, from 20 to 50 thousand. The survivors – three thousand. But the authorities did not want to hear them. However, an apology still had. And compensation of appointed. But with such bureaucratic obstacles that to them proved to be almost hopeless. The Catholic Church, unlike the canadian government, acts of torture are not recognized.



Forbidden science or birthday best

Author – Max Black Olives

As is known, good intentions pave the road to hell. Is not about the development of “new race” was the dream of Francis Galton, when presented to the public a new science – eugenics. The efforts of the Nazis tarnished reputation of eugenics so much that the word itself continues to be abusive. Meanwhile, this science could save people from illness, suffering and even death…

Basis for selection of

And as all well began! At first, eugenics embraced with enthusiasm. Most prominent men in the late XIX – early XX century readily embraced the new science, which proclaimed as its goal the improvement of the human race and prevent human suffering. “Because of the birth defects our civilized human species is much weaker than in animals of any other species – both wild and domesticated… If the improvement of the human race, we spent the twentieth part of those forces and resources that are spent on the improvement of the breed of horses and cattle, what universe of genius if we could create!“. With these arguments, Francis Galton readily agreed and George Bernard Shaw, Hg wells and Winston Churchill, and Theodore Roosevelt. Yes, and how not to agree? In the person all should be fine! Chekhov’s the same idea, but not wins, encountering human imperfections. For imperfect each of us. Look around and you will surely notice how “unequal, uneven” nature gave all: some gave excellent brains, but saved on health, and someone blessed with exceptionally attractive appearance, but the additive gave a nasty temper. That’s why so admire people that combine at once beauty and kindness, and mind, and strength. There is not enough. And I would like more…

Actually, to think about the improvement of the human race began by the ancient. The same Plato (428-347 BCE) in his famous “Politics” spoke about the necessity of state intervention in the regulation of marriages, explain how to choose the spouses, in order to produce physically strong children with outstanding moral principles. Known as the “center of selection” in antiquity was Sparta. There infants deprived of physical qualities needed for future soldiers, without any hesitation just dropped off a cliff. To criticize or condemn Spartans today is pointless: such were the mores of the society where boys gave birth with only one goal – to replenish the army. By the way, this goal was achieved: today, we all remember that “in healthy body – healthy mind, one Spartan is worth two”…



The best of the best

The years passed, swept the centuries, but mere mortals still suffered their imperfections and wondering how nice it would be to live surrounded by an entirely pleasant – that apparently that internally – people… And while they suffered manilovism, scientists have wondered about how to achieve this in practice.

So, first, who come to grips with this issue, became a British scientist and geologist, anthropologist, and psychologist sir Francis Galton. Piquant detail biography: sanfrancis was the cousin of Charles Darwin and strongly supported his theory of evolution. Being an aristocrat, Galton did not look far for materials to study, and began to examine the pedigrees of illustrious noble families of England. He tried to establish patterns of inheritance of talent, intelligence and strength. Then, in the late XIX – early XX century, it was fashionable to do every kind of breeding and selection. Played a role the fact that was newly rediscovered laws of Gregor Mendel on inheritance of traits. Not remained aloof from the new-old trends and Galton. He reasoned that the time for a new breed necessary a selection of the best producing animals, and the deliberate selection of couples should bear fruit. Moreover, it seemed so simple: to be born healthy, beautiful and talented children need that their parents became the best of the best!

In fact, because of that new science was called eugenics, which translated from Greek means “the best birth”. This is what Galton himself said about this: “We define that word to refer to science, which in any case is not limited to the question of the proper mating and marriage laws, but mainly in relation to the person examines all the influences that improve the race, and these effects tends to amplify, as well as all effects that worsen race, and seeks to weaken“. Note! There is no word about the necessity of removing “eugenicist valuable populations”. Nevertheless, very soon, in a eugenic society, a split. And here’s why. Any breeder knows that to bring a new, improved breed, should be culled in the order of 95% of “source material” – animals, birds, seeds, etc., etc. the Basic postulate of any sampling: worst (weak) must not participate in reproduction . Here on this pitfall and stumbled eugenics. And then it happened frontal collision of the new science of human ethics and morality.


The most zealous adherents of the new science was not enough to improve the hereditary qualities of the person, using genetic principles. This is what is called positive eugenics. But public support received eugenics, later called the negative. Her followers decided that for the sake of humanity e General need to prevent the emergence of the offspring in people with mental and physical disabilities, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals. Then, as justification, it is worth noting that in the second half of XIX – the first decades of the twentieth century society, quite civilized and enlightened, have a fear of degeneration. Newspapers regularly reported on the growing number of mentally ill people and other “deterioration” of human nature – mental, physical and moral. Data were verified and science. In this light, ready-made solution to improve the health of mankind as a species, we offer negative eugenics, it seemed more than acceptable.



Indiana method

First to deal with the degradation of humanity ventured to the United States. In 1904, in the state of Indiana has enacted and enforced a law on sterilization. Forcibly sterilized “inferior” individuals in the face of alcoholics, the mentally ill and felons. In fact, the name of the state of the method and was named Indiana. I must say, he’s very popular anyway, but for 26 years it is still tested in forty States.

What was the Indian method? Nothing to do with the medieval horrors. By and large, it can even be called humane: the man simply cut the VAS deferens. That is, he could be sexually active, but have lost the ability to reproduce. A similar procedure was required to undergo all socially unreliable elements. “Draft Dodgers” were ruthlessly punished: jailed for three years or fined $ 1,000. And the very negative eugenics were popularized by all available means: made films, wrote books and articles, created special institutions…

With this approach, “useless human material” were practically excluded from the process of reproduction. One problem: “unhealthy”, as a rule, said the people, who failed to be social. There was a substitution of concepts: eugenics tried to heal “ulcers of society” – poverty, alcoholism, homelessness, crime and prostitution.



Crazy? Neutered!

Otherwise approached “avganistanskom” issue in the countries of Northern Europe. Since the end of the 1920-1930-ies in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland at the government level there has been a deliberate policy of sterilizing mentally handicapped. As in the US, they were sterilized, thereby denying the possibility of transferring harmful genes.

Remarkably, throughout the sterilization law was accepted “on hurrah”. No one – neither the public nor scientists, nor the doctor did not see in it anything reprehensible, and therefore not opposed. So, in the situation of complete consensus of a retarded child after the appropriate tests could easily pick up at the closed institution. Want the child back? Please, sterilize it. The same pattern was received and adults. They simply made known – say, you’re sick because you decided… to go to such patients, as a rule, been nowhere. Of course, the question of ill-health of an individual is determined by a special Commission. But who was part of the ATA Committee? And when! The fate of some “patients” were decided in the ministries of health, and the fate of other ordinary doctors, and sometimes even the pastor, together with representatives of bodies of guardianship and/or public education. So the “authenticity” of conclusions in most cases, I think, was questionable… But then somehow this one thought. In Scandinavia they were so excited by the idea of improvement of the society by his castration, at the end of the 1930-ies was ready to go the way of the United States and proceed to the sterilization of prostitutes, vagrants and all other “predisposed to antisocial behavior”…



A new breed of people

Everything dramatically changed in 1933, when the authorities in Germany came the national socialists. Actually, it was the Nazis and put the last nail in the coffin of eugenics, having begun to justify her using the racial policies of the Third Reich. All “non-Aryans” were declared “subhuman” and to improve “breed of people to be destroyed…

As a well-known sterilization in Germany it took a truly unprecedented scale: only in 1942 was neutered more than a thousand people – and that’s among the civilian population. The number of victims of eugenics in prisons and concentration camps numbered in the tens of thousands. Nazi doctors practiced on prisoners new ways of sterilization: radiation, chemical, mechanical, etc., etc. In fact it was a sophisticated torture. Then, at the Nuremberg trials, the Nazi “researchers” recognized the executioners. And innocent eugenics taboo…




Alex Jones: planetary control elite, plans and mechanisms


The razvedoprosa: Sergey V. Saveliev of cerebral sorting



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