Erdogan watched the beating of demonstrators in the US, its security

There are new details of the fighting near the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to Washington, during which the guards of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was severely beaten by Pro-Kurdish demonstrators. In the Internet appeared the video, indicating that Erdogan personally watched as his bodyguards maim protesters. Moreover, judging by the roller, it was the President and gave the order to attack people.

photo: kremlin.ru

In particular, the new entry posted on the page of the newspaper The Hill. The video was filmed by an employee of Voice of America (VOA) Turkish.

In the beginning of the recording, Erdogan is in the back seat of the Mercedes. Clearly seen as one of the guards leaned toward the door, speaking with Erdogan. At that moment, the demonstrators chanted through a loudspeaker “Erdogan is a murderer of children.”

Soon the President talked with the guard motioned to his colleague (the 13th seconds of recording). A man with a mustache in response nodded her head and rushed to the side of the protesters. A few seconds later began a massacre of the demonstrators.

By the way, is the mustachioed security guard was captured on previously released video taken directly on the scene. Those shots show how it is that there are forces kicks in the head lying on the ground the man with the loudspeaker. After a few seconds, the victim was kicked in the head the other a Turkish security guard.

As a result of fight have suffered more than ten people, and two have received severe head injury, the condition of one was critical.

As for Erdogan himself, then after some time he got out of the car, for a few seconds, looked at the events, and then entered the building. It is obvious that he was clearly not in the best mood.

Note that the trick of Turkish delegation provoked a storm of criticism in American society. Later the flames were fanned herself Ankara, calling the beating unarmed people, “the act of self-defense”.

However, no consequences for Turkey, the incident likely will not have. Moreover, this is not the first case when the guards Erdogan beat demonstrators in the United States. About a year ago, they are almost at loggerheads with representatives of U.S. intelligence.

Watch the video on:
“Nine protesters were injured in the fight with the guards Erdogan in Washington”


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