Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: humanity has exhausted the Earth’s resources for 2017




Photo: from open sources

News environment:Humanity has used up all the reserves of the Earth for the last seven months.

Organization for environmental protection WWF and Global Footprint Network published a report which stated that on 2 August 2017, humanity has exceeded resource costs that “the planet is able to recover for the whole year.”

In other words, humanity has spent seven months so much water and air, consumed so much animal and plant resources, how little to spend in 12 months.

“We threw away more carbon than oceans and forests can absorb per year, we caught more fish, knocked more trees, more crops gathered and consumed more water than the Earth was able to develop during this period”, – said in the statement.

According to relevant data, the Terrans need 1.7 of the planet to provide the current level of consumption.

Published in the report is calculated since 1986 . Crossing the border restore planetary resources every year comes earlier and earlier. In 1993, crossed that line on October 21. In 2003 it happened on September 22. In 2015 – August 13. Greenhouse gases that result from burning coal, oil and gas make up about 60% of the carbon “footprint” of mankind on the planet.

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