Environmental hell: the Ukrainian city topped the ranking of the most dangerous settlements

Experts Blakemycoskie Institute in new York, which deals with problems of ecology and environmental pollution, has made a rating of cities, the least acceptable accommodation.
As stated on the website of the University, has headed a rating of the Ukrainian city of Pripyat in the Kiev region. In addition, the top 10 were cities such as Kabwe (Zambia), La Oroya (Peru), Linfen and Tyanzhin (China), Sukinda and VAPI (India) and Sumgait (Azerbaijan).
“Experience shows that people, in order to kill the environment, not necessarily to build a nuclear power plant. The banal production of metals and rubber can turn a once beautiful city into an ecological hell”, – stated in the material.
The ranking of the most unacceptable cities for living
1. Pripyat, Ukraine
“What the city can lead the ranking of the least affordable cities for living in the world? Of course, this city is near the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The accident, which occurred in 1986, has brought so much radiation that are still around nuclear power plants and stretches of Pripyat exclusion zone with a radius of 30 kilometers”, – stated in the material.
It is believed that, in General, from the release of radiation then affected more than 5.5 million people.
The city of Pripyat, 2016
2. Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Sumgayit is one of the most polluted cities of the former Soviet Union. In Soviet times there were many plants that could not affect the state of the environment. Now many of the factories have ceased to function, but the entire area around still resembles a vast industrial wasteland.
3. VAPI, India
More than 1,000 industrial enterprises located in this city, wapi has brought up the fact that the levels of mercury in water is 96 times higher than normal. More than 70 thousand inhabitants suffer from different kind of chronic diseases caused by the inhalation of heavy metals contained in the air.
The City Of VAPI, India
4. Tyanzhin, China
Tyanzhin – China’s largest producer of lead. The concentration of metals in air and soil in ten times exceeds admissible norm. For example, wheat grown near the town, contains 24 times more lead than allow Chinese standards.
5. Sukinda, India
The city is one of the largest of quarries for the extraction of chromium. Almost 90% of deaths in the area occur due to diseases caused by chromium poisoning.
6. Norilsk, Russia
Norilsk, one of the most polluted cities of Russia, became the location of the world’s largest metallurgical complex. More than 130 thousand inhabitants of the city suffer from respiratory diseases. The air in the city is so polluted that in 2001, the government banned entry into the city of foreigners.
Norilsk, Russia
7. The Linfen, China
More than three million people suffer the effects from the combustion of coal in the local mines. About 200 thousand people suffer from pneumonia, lung cancer and bronchitis. The Linfen is the most polluted city in China. There is almost impossible to go without a mask, it could clock hanging above the city.
8. La Oroya, Peru
In this mining town more than 90% of the population sick because of the high content of lead in the blood. Unhealthy working conditions are created by a factory which pollutes the city since 1992.
9. Kabwe (Zambia)
In 1902, Zambia was discovered large deposits of lead and cadmium. Was built of the enterprise for extraction and processing of these metals. Now the mines and plants are no longer functioning, but it does not improve the environmental situation. Residents suffer from poisoning, even in children concentration of lead in blood is 10 to 15 times higher than normal.
Kabwe (Zambia)
10. Dzerzhinsk, Russia
In the last century in Dzerzhinsk was buried more than 200 thousand tons of hazardous chemical waste. The water in the city is so polluted that its condition is many times below the critical norm. The average life expectancy of residents is 45 years.

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