EMMERSON: “the Objective of “Olympic” third place”

Emmerson. Photo: olimpik.com.ua

The defender of “Olympic” Emmerson has shared his impressions of the holiday, told about the first days of training and goals for the spring part of the season.

– As mood after returning from vacation?

– The mood is good as always. Had a great vacation. The first thing went home to Odessa to visit his family. Decided health problems, passed a rehabilitation course. A little unloaded, stayed with her mother and sister, with their friends.

Holidays were spent well. Front fees, I’m looking forward to. Began training in Kiev on Sunday and will start work in Turkey.

– You had some health problems, it’s already over?

Yeah, I hope no relapse will not happen. Now while we train on the synthetic surface, I work with individuals to save the leg. But Turkey will work in the General group.

– After the holidays, difficult to go to training or have time to miss football?

– Of course! We had been out of football, now go out on the field with a good mood and enjoy working.

– With the departure of experienced players who are in “Olympic” should be the leader?

– Every player must assume the role of leader, we all need to give our all and work. And the leaders will emerge during the second half of the season. I hope that all will treat this with full responsibility, and together we will achieve the result.

– Youth to you already asking for advice?

We all do the same job, they can contact me exactly the same way as I do to any of my partners. We all communicate well and help each other. I’m in the club for years, but don’t act like a veteran. We have always had a great team, so it remains today.

– The championship resumes in just over a month. Do you think this time is enough to work out with new partners to establish mutual understanding?

– Should be enough. Importantly, at the first gathering formed the backbone of the team. And those people who will come to us and sign contracts, join the team.

– The goal is the same – to get to “six”. How do you think the rest of “Olympic” spring stretch?

– If to speak about maximum objectives, our goal is to take third place. Of course, we will fight first for getting into the first “six”. Everything is in our hands, the difference is not that big. Need to finish the match with Karpaty, if it is well formed, and we have all this, then we will become a leader. And then bind the fight


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