Emil Hegle SVENDSEN: “I’m sorry Shipulina”

Anton Shipulin. Photo: Reuters

Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen said that he did not know whether to trust the Russian athletes and to give another chance.

Svendsen also expressed regret that the Russian Anton Shipulin will not go to the Olympic games-2018.

– Shipulin? I feel sorry for him – said to TV2 Svendsen. Is it all these 4 years preparing for the Olympics.

Talking about doping in Russia go for many years, and there are many accusations and theories.

It is very difficult to understand whether we can trust the Russians and give another chance or not. I don’t have a certain point of view in this matter.

For the Games in 2018 is not invited many leading Russian athletes, among them Anton Shipulin, Ustyugov, Sergey, Viktor Antonov, Pavel Kulizhnikov Denis yuskov and many others, informs SE.

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