Elizabeth Peskov has gained access to important documents of the European Parliament

Photo: instagram.com/stpellegrino

According to the article on the website of radio “Liberty”, 21-year-old Elizabeth Peskov probation the French member of the European Parliament Emerick Soprada. This right-wing politician known for having supported the accession of Crimea to Russia.

“Mrs. Peskova, of course, the daughter of an important personality in the Russian Federation, but as a student, she has fewer rights than other young people to undergo training in the course of her studies,” said Chauprade journalists “Freedom.

He added that Germany and France does not currently work in Russia, neither the state nor a private company, therefore no conflict of interest can not be.

Chauprade is a member of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on security and defence, and also part of the delegation of the parliamentary Committee EU-Russia.

Some other MPs who spoke with journalists, considered this fact a “security breach”, but the Lithuanian eurodeputes Petras Austrevicius and even called it a “great shame” for the European Parliament.

“I couldn’t believe that the Kremlin is holding his hands in his pockets and the heart of the EU institutions”, he added.

In the article it is noted that as a trainee Elizabeth Peskov can take place in the building of Europarlament as in Brussels and in Strasbourg to attend the meetings of the committees, have access to a computer network EP.

The article States that the Intern can get up to 1600 euros per month from the budget of the European Parliament. But there is practice and the free work of interns. Journalists do not know whether Elizabeth Peskov any compensation for their work.

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