Elizabeth II — 91: as the oldest monarch in the world celebrates birthday

The oldest monarch in the world, the British Queen Elizabeth II is 21 April celebrated its 91 anniversary. But the lush festivities on this occasion not to be expected: according to the tradition, they migrated to a warmer time, in June. The birthday of the Queen celebrated in the family circle, and the events in London was limited to a salute of artillery in Hyde Park and the tower and the song “happy Birthday” to the birthday girl was performed by the ensemble of the Royal guards.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Queen Elizabeth II born on 21 April 1926 in London and took the throne in 1952 at the age of 25 years. In 2015 she received the title of the longest reigning British monarch beating Queen Victoria. On 6 February this year Her Majesty has celebrated its 65th anniversary on the throne.

Since last year Elizabeth celebrated 90-year anniversary, the celebrations were more lush. Culminating in the horse procession at Windsor castle, a massive picnic, stretching from Buckingham Palace to the shopping center of London and the lighting of thousands of beacons throughout the United Kingdom.

June 10 this year king’s birthday become a national holiday. In the XVIII century, king George II transferred the celebration of this day of June, because he himself is not fortunate enough to be born in November, when the weather is good by nature does not have to wait. But in the summer on the occasion, usually, arranged fireworks and a gala reception.

The whole country, of course, interested in the health of the reigning monarch. This year the Queen pleases all his good form. Recently, she took an active part in the celebrations on the occasion of Easter and communicating with elephants at a British zoo. But last Christmas Elizabeth scared nation: due to the fact that Her Majesty had a cold, it is a few weeks not appeared in public and was not involved in official events. Elizabeth herself with a sense of humor about his well-being: when, after a visit to Northern Ireland asked her about health, she replied, “Well, I’m still alive.”

Although some of the duties the Queen has delegated to his son and grandchildren, she continues to participate in the political life of the country and works every day. At nine o’clock, she take the famous red briefcase in which were placed the documents for signature. Royal Piper at this time, 15 minutes playing your favorite tunes Elizabeth under the Windows of her Palace. After watching the state papers Queen begins to respond to numerous letters.

Rest of the Royal person prefers traditional. It is known that she loves the race and in her youth she often sat in the saddle, and loved fishing. Even today Elizabeth does not waive the opportunity to drive your personal car, however it rides only on the territory of his residence. By the way, the Queen not a big fan of exotic food and prefer the most simple, time-tested dishes. Wrote bi-Bi-si, her favorite treat — a jam penny — a tiny sponge cakes with raspberry jam.

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