Elina Svitolina and Marina beh starred in an erotic photo shoot: photo 18+

Ukrainian athletes Elina Svitolina and Marina beh starred in an erotic photo shoot for XXL magazine. They will decorate the log calendar for 2019. Apart from them, another ten famous Ukrainians.

While Svitolina got on the cover of this calendar from XXL.

I should add that bookmakers took bets to see if Elina Svitolina in the erotic journal by the end of 2018. Regarding the beh Marina, at the time it was said it will not agree to appear Nude.

Elina Svitolina

Marina Beh

“This year, each girl took off in a bath filled with water of different colors. To underline the femininity and beauty of girls ‘bodies, and at the same time to set the festive mood was helped by flowers, balloons and metafun”, – stated in the description of the calendar.

In addition to beh Marina and Elina Svitolina, the calendar was decorated with pictures of Glory and Victoria of the duet “Neangely”, DJ Nana, Svetlana Timoshevskii, Lesya Nikityuk, Olga Burtseva Valentina Nazarchuk, Emma D, Anastasia Belichenko and Valeria Ryabchenko.

Anastasia Belichenko

Olga Burtseva

Emma D

DJ Nana

Valentine Nazarchuk

Lesya Nikityuk

Valeriy Ryabchenko

The glory of the duet “Neangely”

Victoria of the duet “Neangely””

Svetlana Timoshevskaya

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