Elena Lysenko has disappeared with 8-year-old daughter


In Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Kiev region looking for a 30-year-old Elena Lysenko and her daughter Anna, 8 years old. They were last seen after lunch on January 23 at St. Gymnasium.

The day before the disappearance of the woman tried to commit suicide. Drank rat poison with sedative pills. She found her husband 42-year-old Anatoly Lysenko. Was taken to the hospital. Washed stomach, the woman was rescued. The next day Elena escaped from the hospital and went to school, where she studied her older daughter.

When a child classes ended, Lena took her by the hand and led in an unknown direction, – says Anatoly. Recently began to notice his wife that all the time playing some games on the tablet. Lowered on those toys all the money spent financial assistance for a newborn son. Because of this quarrel. But Lena play did not stop. I had to endure to keep the family together.

Neighbors say the woman was able to leave the house because I was afraid of the wrath of Anatolia. Before the man drank and beat her.

The school confirmed that he knew about the family situation Lysenko. House Elena is survived by two children – 4-year-old angelina and 4-month-old Andrew. The search continues.

Former member of the singing group “VIA Gra” 27-year-old Daria Kobets disappeared in Kiev for more than six months ago. During the summer the family sought her own. 26 September last year the singer’s father, Vladimir Kobets wrote a statement to the police.

– We do not believe. But there are suspicions that the daughter will never find, says Vladimir Kobets. – Ex-husband did not give the Dasha of life. Wanted to sue their child. At the meeting of Svyatoshinsky regional court in the presence of a representative of a social service openly stated that my daughter no longer alive. That day I wrote a statement to the police.

Uladzimir Kobets also worried for the mental health of granddaughters. She had become withdrawn and taciturn, he said.

– When Cooking with Dasha lived in Kherson – it was a cheerful child. Now closed, afraid to talk to me. All questions are answered: ask dad – says Kobets.

Ex-husband of a missing – Alexander Shvets is the head of the public organization “the Father has a right.” Denies all charges. Says his wife is forbidden to see her for 3 years. So went to court to have joint custody.


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