Elena Jakowski dislocated amputated leg


– Mom is doing well. But all her charges little grandma cry. Now who of them will care? I, too, cannot fully appreciate the depth of the tragedy, says 33-year-old Yuri Drozdov from Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area.

His mother, 57-year-old Elena Jakowska from village Petropavlovka of Brotherly area fell on a slippery road on January 10. In regional hospital the woman was examined. Said that she dislocated two bones of the knee joint of the left foot. A thorough examination was not performed.

Elena worked as a social worker, was engaged in lonely elderly people.

– I slipped when I went to the store. Wanted one grandmother to buy food. Fell and felt a sharp pain in his leg. Couldn’t get out. The people came running. Caused “fast”. 50 minutes sat in the snow while they waited, – tells Elena Jakowska. – Worried that the fracture. When he said that the dislocation – happy. Foot right, put the knitting needle. Said when the swelling will come down, impose a plaster.

For two days the leg Elena Jakowski numb and swollen. She was sent to the Department of vascular surgery of the regional hospital.

– A woman brought in a serious condition. Dead muscle tissue began to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Could die. Amputation was the only salvation, – says Yuri Balaba, chief vascular surgeon of nikolayevshchina. – Time to preserve legs been lost.

Such dislocations are rare. Happen 20% of people, according to doctors.

– In the area of diagnosis on the eye. After her right leg was urgently referred to vascular surgeon. But this is not done, – says Yury Drozdov. The pain was terrible. But doctors reassured that all is well. Only when the leg is black, mom was put in the old Car and sent to the region. The joint is not fixed. All the way – 135 miles – from the pain screaming. The doctors re-examined. Said that in addition to the sprain, her torn ligament, the artery is damaged. Began to wither away tissue. The conclusion was categorical: amputation.

Elena Jakowska lives with her husband 76-year-old Mikhail Fedorovich. Have the farm. Yuri is the only son of the spouses. In 2015, he volunteered in the ATO. He served in the 72nd separate mechanized brigade, more than a year were at the forefront. Now – the head of the repair shop at the military part of Voznesensk. It has a civil wife, 25-year-old Anastasia. Met in the combat zone.

The father of a middle-aged, to care for her mother it is not easy. I have it constantly, – adds Yuri. Healthy active woman in a moment was in a wheelchair. Hard to imagine what will happen our life.

Yuri wrote a statement to the police and Prosecutor’s office. Case investigate as medical negligence.

– The patient immediately called the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Dislocation right. The leg was warm, brightened, there was a surge. There were no complications, – said the chief doctor of the Fraternal rayon hospital Dmitry Gridzhuk, 66 years. – To be safe, consult with a trauma surgeon and vascular surgeon. Corrected the treatment and left the woman in hospital. Sisters say, even drank vodka in the house. On Saturday the doctor came to make sure all is well. Because the injury is difficult. Saw that the leg was swollen. Called into the area and sent the patient. Medic experienced, has the highest category and more than 30 years of experience. I don’t think his part was negligence.

– This is a difficult situation. It is difficult to determine what was the cause of the complications. But the reduction of the joint could cause gangrene, – the therapist said Alexander Ryltsov, 43 years old, from Kharkov. – There are several options as it might damage the artery. The first cog. The second leg was atherosclerotic plaque, which is 90 percent closed vessels. And when it was disturbed during the procedure, she burst. Blocked the passage, from which burst and artery. Or – the woman had a thrombosis of the artery, leg spazmirovannah, from which she fell and suffered a dislocation. The trauma has set, and thrombosis have not noticed. Lightning leg swelled and turned black. Surgeons had to immediately deliver the patient to the vascular surgeons.

To prove medical malpractice will be difficult, says the lawyer of 43-year-old Anton Zubkov:

– You need a qualified lawyer who is versed in medical matters. He will follow the conclusions of experts, medical protocols, and to pull the police.

Victims must give a full statement. And see made in the unified register of pre-judicial investigations. If the investigator did not do it – you should contact the Prosecutor’s office.


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