Edgar Kaminsky said he first filed for divorce in 2017: the details of the breakup

The star couple admired a lot of fans, part. Edgar Kaminsky for the first time openly wrote about divorce with Fame and why made this decision. According to him, for the first time about the breakup he thought in 2017.

Edgar Kaminsky broke the silence, they with Glory were stored during the week, and publicly commented on the divorce. Sharing a photo, under which a renowned plastic surgeon has written a Frank recognition, he has published on his page in Instagram.

Edgar wrote that he decided to post it as it is, because I’ve read many angry comments.

I forgot to thank the wife, I just can’t be grateful for something separately. Who watched my interviews, videos, talks at conferences or read my posts knows how much I appreciate the Glory. I am grateful to her for everything. When you live in marriage, in true love, it’s all done from the heart, from the heart and you’re not waiting for odes and praise. Family acts just like that. I don’t do anything spontaneously. All my deeds are weighed and thought out – written by Edgar Kaminsky.

Then he added that he first filed for divorce back in 2017. However, six months later, on the eve of trial, I decided to give myself a second chance.

I always do – give second chance, not another person, not employee, not a friend, namely himself, because it’s my decision, my action and my conclusion. Second chance – this time to analyze the first solution and output. Time interval, usually small. In our case, it lasted 2 years – 2 years of analyses, comparisons, conclusions,
admitted plastic surgeon.

However, after that he said that he made the decision and it is only with his wife, Glory and no one else. “The true cause of our situation I know and can understand only the closest people. Not more than 20 persons. They are non-public and not comment on photos. But they know why it happened, and believe me, they have no issues. I ask you not to speculate on the topic of our family. You will be hard to understand what happened. You 100% don’t know us. I myself still can not believe,” continued Edgar Kaminsky.

In conclusion, he asked the fans to respect their family and not to write angry reviews, and to approach your loved one and tell him of her love.

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