“Easy”: the head of VTB said Putin will win the elections-2018

The head of VTB Andrei Kostin explained during his speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum why Vladimir Putin will not refuse to go for a new term in 2018. Moreover, Kostin said that Putin will win the elections easily. Note that GDP itself has previously stated that the candidates for the presidential election in 2018 too early to say.

photo: kremlin.ru

Kostin agreed that Putin has not yet announced its plans regarding the participation in the elections, but noted that all seems reasonable, if the President goes for a new term.

“The level of support among the Russian population is 70 percent or more. With this level of support, probably, any political leader just can’t go to the polls, in my opinion,” said Kostin, explaining his confidence that Putin will still be running.

According to “Interfax”, Kostin also said that everyone expects that Putin will win the elections “easily in the first round”.

“In our view, it is absolutely normal situation”, – said the head of VTB.

He noted that more important is the fact that Putin will go to elections with economic development programs of the country, which he instructed to develop and which were presented by the experts and the government.

According to Kostin, these programmes dealt with a very serious range “and the economy, the legal system, and ways to improve the investment climate.”

In this regard, he expressed the opinion that the leadership of the country there is an understanding that we need further structural reforms.

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