Easter 2017: interesting greetings, poems and SMS

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Easter 2017


Easter is an important time when nature is reborn after a winter of numbness and bioenergetic connection with nature is extremely strong.

April 16, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the most important holidays – Easter. The basis of Easter lies the biblical story of the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross. Easter is celebrated worldwide and it has many legends, stories and unusual facts.

The good news came from heaven:

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

To meet the occasion slowly

The soul rejoices and sings!

You a happy Easter congratulations I’m.

Live in joy, friends.

Let life be full of miracles.

Truly Christ is risen!

Came a lovely holiday

It gives us warmth,

This day, happy Easter,

The soul is now bright!

We wish you all much happiness,

May the Lord give us

Inspiration and luck

The joy, the blessing to all houses .

Easter 2017: funny SMS greetings, beautiful accreditati fully

Congratulations to all a happy Easter

And today I want to wish

To live in love, harmony and affection,

To hold back, to trust and to forgive.

Let no man be dispossessed,

Let it not be betrayed, do not betray.

Do you by the will of God,

And the Lord will reward you.

All with a great Easter congratulations

And divine I wish you miracles.

Now break the egg…

Joy to you all. Christ is risen!

Bells ringing everywhere,

Ringing is heard up to the sky.

Everyone says, “a miracle Happened!”

Sounds everywhere: “Christ is risen!”

A happy Easter congratulations!

In harmony with themselves live.

Kindness and joy wish,

Hope, faith and love!

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In celebration of the Resurrection

Let the good prevails in the family,

Joy and gladness,

Treats on the table.

Let the wonderful sound of Church

Heal from adversity,

House let it be a Cup full,

Without worries and without hassle.

What would Easter eggs shone.

The smell of butter cakes

Travelled around

And family relatives!

A great holiday, a gift from heaven!

Christ Is Risen! Christ is risen!

Everywhere the sound of bells,

The good news it carries.

May peace reigns good

In the hearts of all it lives.

And on this bright day, happy

Let the souls are all beautiful.

Sorry everyone, bless,

Cahors Easter will taste.

Let joy be in your house

And love the world will become more beautiful.

Easter 2017: when baking cakes and painted auracite fully

The Resurrection Is Holy,


Fills their singing,

Every yard and every home.

Everyone brings holiday joy

Happiness, faith, kindness.

Congratulations on Bright Easter,

With it I want.

Let the anxiety in the soul will not be

In the heart will be warmth,

May God bless

Friends and relatives always.

Christ Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

Easter is pouring grace from the heavens.

Will melt in the sky the sound of bells,

Christ Is Risen! Sounds from all sides.

Festive table with Easter cake,

The flame from the temple is brought into the house.

Sunshine and breath of spring,

Heart of love, full of joy.

Christ Is Risen! And revived the earth,

He Is Risen Indeed! In response I hear.

To us Easter light came

And gives joy minutes

The good news brought to us:

Christ is Risen — and it’s a miracle!

May life be filled with warmth,

After all, God sends a blessing

And a lot of happiness to every house

To live without the troubles and stress!

A wonderful congratulations with Easter 2017, beautiful cards, lovely to staycity fully

Ringing the air is clean soaked

Songs of birds rushing up to heaven,

Feast your doors knocked,

Rejoice in him — Christ is Risen!

The house will be sturdy and, of course,

Only the fertile land,

And let it be blessed

Angels your whole family!

Bless envy ridiculous

From evil, unjust people

The rainbow penetrated the sky

On this day, the purest of all days!

In the day of spring and wonderful

I hasten to congratulate you

All with Christ’s Resurrection

And I wish the same hour

Great good,


Be happy, healthy,

In the thoughts of their clean,

Sincere, generous,

Grateful and welcoming.

And yet I wish, by the way,

To all of you the grace of God.

Easter 2017: how to get out of postaciami fully

Christ is risen say today

And become the soul freely.

The day of Easter came,

Heart joy.

Congratulate you on this day

Let all the sadness will become a dream.

Let only happiness surrounds,

Let You forget the bad weather!

The soul rejoices and sings

To us the feast of the Passover in the house goes.

And chime —

Christ Is Risen! — carries it.

Easter cake on the table

And eggs — to the delight of kids.

All are having a good time.

Christ Is Risen! to say in a hurry.

Let it be: peace, love, comfort.

May good things await You.

Let the faith warms

And the Lord does not leave.

We wish warmth and kindness, and comfort,

We wish you success and prosperity in everything

Let them come to you, right this very minute

Everything that will make your happy home

Let them all healthy, successful will

Each other to appreciate you and love

Let them smell cake, and so any dish

Could you and your family to share.

Our Christ is risen! This joyful celebration

Let gives you the smile and the light

Let the day of Resurrection, light this Easter

Give the blessing for many years!

Easter 2017: unexpected ideas coloring accitate fully

Christ is risen! Sing the bells,

Easter to us in the house came.

The love of God give us heaven,

And we hear the angels voices.

May Easter brings happiness,

Let the faith in every heart will come alive.

Goodness, love for Easter I wish.

Christ is risen and remains with us.

The sun glanced in the window,

And now the post is over.

May brings the release

You Holy Resurrection

From the sorrows and tribulations

And painful hassle.

Eat, drink, have fun,

Easter bright smile.

Joyful, happy faces,

Delicious colored eggs,

Cakes, enthusiasm, songs.

Happiness to you. Christ is risen.


With a sense of deep joy,

In expectation of miracles,

Day of the Holy Resurrection!

Rejoice: “Christ is risen!”

Bless the pain,

From crafty languages.

Let there always be with you

His pure love.

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